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Chase bank or Wells Fargo?

Which bank do you prefer and why? If any other please state your reason

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    I've been a Wells Fargo customer for about 14 years. No fees, since I have Direct Deposit (so don't always believe everything you hear about "nasty fees"). I don't have a savings account or a loan from them, though; for that, I use a credit union. Wells Fargo has branches all over the country, so there are ATMs I can use (with my debit card) just about everywhere.

    I have no complaints about them.

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    Are you just starting out? Your first checking account at age 18?

    Suggestion: Go with a small local bank or Credit Union.

    Google them.

    Write down what they have to offer and make your choice.

    Keep in mind ATM location since you are likely to use the ATM.

    Keep it close to work, or school.

    I do not recommend big banks. Not yet.

    They have some seriously nasty fees if you don't have large amounts of money to play with.

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