Dermatology, unresolved hives?

Family member has now had pruririts (itching) and hives diffusely across his body. He has extreme sensitivity to unknown substances/particles. He has now had these symptoms, which included a now resolved swelling of lip and eye, for 3 weeks.

Coritisone injection given and followed up with 5 day course of medrol. Symptoms still remain. Unknown cause and unknown solution.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

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  • 8 years ago
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    This sounds like an allergic reaction. Examine if anything in the environment has changed since before the hives came; foods and beverages, detergents or other household products, soaps & shampoos etc., and eliminate anything new and see if there is improvement.

    It is also possible to develop allergies to things that you are frequently using. If the first suggestion doesn't produce results try an elimination diet to discover what he is reacting to.

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