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Is there any indian army pc game?

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    Indian from India? In which I don't really know any. You could try looking into the Age of Empire games. Maybe they have a faction from India in one of their games. (Not modern)

    If you meant American Indian then I think the closest you will find is Empire: Total War which has Native American tribe factions. (Colonial time frame)

    That's all I got for "Army" wise, Age of Empires is a Real-Time Strategy. while the Total War games are Turn-Based Strategy with Real-Time Tactics for the battles.

    Assassin's Creed 3 is an Action-Adventure in which you take the role of a half Nobel half Native American character in the colonial time frame.... kind of, kinda confusing to explain with the whole Animus machine crap.

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    Army Pc Games

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    Unfortunately there is no Indian army PC game friend!

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    afterwind game

    awesome game..

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