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How famous is Shinji Kagawa in Japan?

As the title asks, i wonder how famous he is in Japan, since he plays for a club as famous as Manchester United, probably the most famous East Asian player in the world currently? So how famous is he? Does he get mentioned in the news a lot and stuff? Surely he's not Beckham level yet right?

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    He's extremely famous in Japan. You know, Japanese soccer player could be more famous if he plays in an European club than just playing in Japan. Because everyone knows that it's harder to play in Europe than in Japan.

    So he's one of the most famous soccer players in Japan.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    This is what i love about United, always taking the biggest gems without all the starstruck hype. Getting a hold of players before the Media does, is Fergusons expertise. He finds talent, builds them, and then unfortunately sells them but for double or triple their worth. Good job Ferguson. We now have the depth on the wings in case either cole or nani are unavailable or overworked. Glory Glory Manchester!

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    8 years ago

    Most of Japanese know him but many of us pay attention to him only in major events.

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    The most well known football player in Japan.

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