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Could you give the Puerto Rico island back to us, please?

I'm Spanish, and I think that you must give the island back to us.

Puerto Rico is Spain. You stole our island in 1898. The Paris Treaty is unfair, and should be abolished.

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    Spaniards kill the people? Oh stupid *** hole. When Spanish people came to this island there’s was no civilization here. Just a few Tainos that combine with Spaniards and Africans. Spaniards don’t invade a civilized country like Americans did when they invade us. Maybe there are people who think we still in the 80’s and USA is the #1 economy in the world but the European Union is the leader right now. Look for The Economist, yes I want to be part of them. And indeed, there’s was a plebiscite that statehood win and if America don’t want to give us democracy (because we don’t vote for the President or for congressmen) just get the hell out of here. And yes, I’m a Puerto Rican and I know what I’m talking about.

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    Actually you second sentence is partially correct. The Paris Treaty was unfair. Puerto Rico was a defacto independent country when whe Paris Treaty was signed, as Spain had given PR its soveranity prior to the official end of the Spanish-American War. USA would not hear of it and made Spain have the provision of givin PR to USA. It was illegal, but the years USA has been in the Island have legitimized the claim.

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    there is more suitable to do in Puerto Rico because this is larger and more suitable dissimilar.. yet both will artwork because you do not desire a PASSPORT and also you would possibly want to communicate AMERIKAN even as you are able to fake to be travelling in a 'overseas u . s ." so a options as i'm worried.. both are nonetheless AMERIKA yet Puerto rico does have slightly more suitable classification.

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    Could you give the Puerto Rico island back to us, please?

    * No, puertorricans are not interested in going back as a colony of Spain.

    * If not joining USA as an state, we rather stay as an US territory than going back to Spain.

    Try Guam or The Philipines.

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    Puerto Rico is better left the way it is right now. As it is, the people of Puerto Rico had a referendum not too long ago where the majority voted in favor of becoming a state. Besides why would they want to be part of a country that killed its people?

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    Puerto Rico was originally inhabited by the indigenous aboriginal peoples known as Taínos.

    The Spanish stole the islands and them, raped, pillaged, enslaved, and eventually killed all of the original inhabitants. They called the island Puerto Rico (rich port), because there were so many riches to steal. The Spanish were nothing more than murderous thieving thugs. At least the Americans gave the people of Puerto Rico democracy and self determination.

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