What are the countries that could be considered as the biggest allies of Lebanon?

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  • 8 years ago
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    ummmm....euhhh...ummm.....eughh.... yeah we have too many allies.

    We have good relation with most of the countries but not that good to be considered as allies.

    Russia and China are being nice though,offering arms,money so does Iran.But since an important part of lebanese do not like Iran we cannot have special relations with Iran nor its allies Russia and China.

    The problem is that lebanese do not want to give anything in return to make any country considering us as a great ally,maybe because of the arabs,we've been fighting their wars against israel,taking more refugees than we can handle... i can go on all day. All we got is some money to repair the damages we shouldn't even have suffered if we renounced to do what they want(in the name of brotherhood and shi*t).And of course religious divisions in lebanon.

    France might be considered as an ally,we do have special ties with France but nothing close to US-Israel or Russia-Syria model.

    In my humble opinion we should become allies of Russia.We give them access to the mediterranean sea,military bases,special economic and trade accords.That would benefit lebanon in so many ways.

    First, israel will think twice before attacking us because of the military bases.

    Second,Russians will arm our army,look what they done to syria's military(which i do not support nor oppose).

    With a strong Russian-backed army we wouldn't need Hezbollah to protect us anymore and that will solve much of our problems.Sunni won't be afraid of Shia,Shia won't be afraid from being invaded by israel,Christian will feel safe since Russians are Christians i.e lebanese will be united i.e internal immunity,stability,prosperity.

    Western oil companies won't mess with us since there are Russian companies that can easily replace them.

    All the reports are predicting a high developement in the Eastern camp economies (Russia,China,Brazil,India,Mexico...) in contrast to the western economies.An alliance with Russia would benefit us economically for a very long time.

    Huge increase in tourists.

    Russia needs badly an ally, even more a mediterranean one and we should seize the chance.

    Since we are a democracy,the people will benefit from that alliance not just the ruler like in Syria,not to mention that we can end it if it turns out to be affecting us negatively.

    After mentioning all the benefits in term of economy,military,security,prosperity here comes the most important part ... more cute russian girls and guys,i'm more interested in girls though:P

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