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Men’s Fashion Tips: How to Dress for Your Shape

from tall and slim to short and muscular, every man’s body is different. So why should we all try and wear the same style of clothes? Instead, we should be complimenting our body shapes by choosing clothes which perfectly suit us. Shopping is an experience best shared with a friend or loved one. It is a great excuse to try on some stylish shirts or dinner jackets. It is far more fun to visit your local mall than stay in and simply shop online while you play some Cheekybingo and listen to music. So before your next shopping outing, why not see which style of clothes best suit your body shape by reading the style guide below?

Tall and thin torso:

If you have a lean body shape then this means you do not need to worry about disguising your gut. Instead you should emphasise your washboard stomach by wearing shirts you can tuck in your jeans as well as choosing V-Neck fitted shirts. However, if you are quite skinny and you want to appear a little bulkier, try wearing horizontal striped shirts as these will widen the look of your torso. Plus, blazer jackets are ideal for bulking out your shape.

Short and stocky legs:

It is probably best for you to avoid wearing skinny jeans because this will draw attention to your thighs in particular and make them seem bigger. Instead, layer your tops (for example wear a shirt and a V-neck sweater over the top) or use eye catching pieces which draw attention to your upper half.

Long Legs with a short torso:

If you want to highlight your legs then buy slim-cut shirts to draw attention away from the small top half and team this with skinny jeans.

Balanced Body:

If your body is well proportioned, you want to dress to keep this shape. Avoid jeans with the waistline sitting too high or too low, and draw attention to your midsection instead.

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    從高又瘦到矮而肌肉發達,每個人的身體都不同. 那麼為什麼我們都嘗試且穿著同類款式的衣服呢?其實我們應該選擇完全適合我們的衣服以襯托出我們的身型. 購物是最能與朋友或所愛的人分享的經驗. 這是一個很棒的藉口去試穿一些時尚襯衫或晚宴禮服. 去您當地的商場購物,比在室內ㄧ邊玩一些網路賓果遊戲和聽音樂, 然後一邊隨便的上網購物要有趣多了. 所以在你下一次外出購物前, 為什麼不先閱讀下面的風格指南來看哪種風格的衣服最適合你的體型呢?


    如果你有一個瘦的體形, 那麼這意味著你不必擔心要掩飾自己的肚子. 相反的, 你應該選擇V領合身的襯衫並且可以將它塞進牛仔褲裡, 如此可以強調你的腹部線條. 但是, 如果你很瘦, 而你想顯得厚重點, 試試看穿橫條紋的襯衫, 因為這會有加寬身軀的效果. 此外, 休閒夾克是使你顯得壯碩的理想選擇.

    短而敦實的腿 :

    也許最好要避免穿緊身牛仔褲, 因為這會吸引別人的注意力, 特別到你的大腿上, 讓它們看起來似乎更粗. 可取代的是, 層次的上衣 (例如穿一件襯衫再加上一件V領毛衣)或在上身使用醒目的配件來將注意力導至您的上半部分.


    如果你想使你的長腿更顯眼, 就買超貼身剪裁的襯衫, 這樣就可以將注意引離短小的上半部分, 再和緊身牛仔褲搭配.


    如果你的身型比例均勻, 你就穿能保持這種身型的衣服. 避免穿腰圍太高或太低的牛仔褲, 而要使注意力放到你的中段部份.

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