I want to get a tattoo!?

I want a tattoo, it's gonna be my first time. What are the precautions and what does it feel like when you got a tattoo? Does it hurt while it is being put on or does it hurt after it was put on?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hey dude,

    When picking a good artist make sure you do your research. go to multiple tattoo shops and ask to look at their book.

    People fail to tell you what to look for when looking in there book. I will tell you.

    LINE WORK!!!- line work is the outlines of the tattoo and any swirling that they do with there work. It should look perfect when looking for a good artist. like something you would see in a coloring book.

    COLOR- color should pop and be bright, shadowing should make the color look like its popping out of the picture

    Next ASSESS their studio...does it smell clean? does it look clean? then it is clean!

    WATCH them open new needles! this helps prevent the chances of contacting blood born disease.

    ASK questions!- a good artist will be more than happy to answer all questions you may have.

    YES- it does hurt...the older you get the more it hurts...you may get an artist that is heavy on the needle...but this is a good thing. I can describe the pain only as like deep constant scratching. it doesn't really get numb and you just have to get used to it...its almost like a painful itch

    the only good thing is that when the stop the pain stops instantly

    AFTER the tattoo is over it feels like a good sunburn

    TREAT your tattoo like a sunburn...you will hear many different ways to take care of your tattoo like "tattoo goo", A and D ointment, noesporin, etc...the only thing you need is perfume less skin lotion...I can promise you that.

    take care dude and enjoy the ink!

    Source(s): two full sleeves and a full back piece!
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  • nadie
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    7 years ago

    It hurts when it's being done, and after it only hurts if you touch it.

    Precautions, don't expose it to sun, don't go swimming the first few months, treat it like you would treat any other wound, keep it clean but don't over wash it, don't pick at it, don't touch it while it's healing, it is strongly advised not to eat pork or drink alcohol the first 2 weeks, the artist will tell you everything and give you brands to the solution you need to apply (I'm in a different country).

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  • 7 years ago

    Hi :)

    Of course there are some things you need to know when you get your tattoo.

    First off, eat before you go to your session. If you dont you could become light headed and uncomfortable or even pass out. Communicate with your artist, let them know how you are feeling during the tattoo.

    Pain differs among people. Everyone has their own pain tolerance. You kind of have a gut feeling as to where you think you can stand getting a tattoo. For example: when I got my foot tattoo, many people advised me against it because of the pain it would cause-- but i figured it would be okay, and turns out i was right :)

    The pain itself is comparable to scraping over your skin with a pushpin. Nothing terrible, and the desire to get your tattoo will be greater than the pain. Your body will adapt during the tattoo and your adrenaline will kick in.

    If you need to take a break during the session, let your artist know. As for follow up instructions, a reputable artist will inform you of EVERYTHING you need to know (what to wash it with and what to moisturize with), especially if you mention this is your first one.

    Everyone kind of has their own "secret" when it comes to healing, but I have never gone wrong with Aquaphor. Healing times will differ among people, and for alot of the healing process your tattoo may look ugly or a bit faded. This is completely normal and you just need to wait it out. Do not pick the flakes of ink off of your tattoo, let them shed naturally. If there is anything that remains after healing that you dislike, you can always go get it fixed.

    Most of all, have a great first tattoo and enjoy it!! :)

    Source(s): i have many nicely healed tattoos.. haha
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