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I wanna be a Japanese and a Korean exchange student?

I'm a 13 year old girl and in 7th grade and I wanna go to school in Japan maybe next year and then go to Korea the year after that. I have okay grades and I will try my best to get them up. And I need to learn to write and speak Japanese and I if you know a good book for writing and speaking Japanese can you please tell me. I know a few lyrics to some songs of my favorite Japanese animes but thats it. I also what to know what I need to do so I can go to one of those schools and I want to know whats it's like there. Also, are there cute boys there at my age? And how do I tell my parents? And if there is anything else I missed can you tell me. Thank you!

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  • 7 years ago
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    You have to do a lot of research on finding an organization who will take you. Chances are it won't be for longer than a year (This is complicated because it often interferes with mandatory, legal schooling, and your home school may not find it acceptable). Keep in mind they may only be available for high school-age students, but keep researching.

    As for a second country, you can go when you're in university/college on an exchange for one year (or more). It's a lot easier to go on an exchange when you're this age because there are no courses you are required to take by law. You can also take a year off and do up to a year of working holiday travel.

    Bottom line - You probably have to wait a number of years. But until then, do your research on exchange programs and STUDY the languages and culture! I got interested in Japan around your age, starting with song lyrics. Self-studying and taking classes will help you tremendously.

    Source(s): I know someone who went to Japan for one year of high school. I went for one summer during high school and one year during college.
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