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Spending Time With Husband ?

I'm confused... Help me out husbands. My husband said he wants to spend more time with me. I was grateful. I realized he wants me to sit with him quietly watching T.V. I can for awhile, without talking. When that's done, and I ask for help with everything that was torn up while the show was on, He gets irritated. I mentioned it, and he got angry. When I ask him to come with me to things, he acts grumpy and complains . He doesn't want to do my hobbies, or try to share one. He also wants to do all the talking, and wants me to be quiet. If I do talk, he goes out of his way to disagree with me, or get me to be quiet, so he can talk . Our friends quit hanging out, and if I try to go somewhere with a Gal Pal, he shows up or calls me home repeatedly. How do I spend time with him then? He is not enjoying things we used to do like dancing, playing cards. He mostly wants to play computer games, and if I am playing one, he wants to lean over my shoulder and tell me what move to make next.......yeah help me out here....

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    I am about to be married - so I am not an expert. If I say something out of line that hurts your sentiments - I apologise before hand please.

    Just tick mark those things that are in your control.

    1. Can you take care of house hold chores so that you both can watch tv together?

    2. Can you invest in a lot of sexy lingree :P

    3. Bring him a nice gift - ie award him - for each girl-pal night that he does not call you. Tell him he will get a grand surprise gift if he agrees to co-operate.

    4. Some time out of blue bring him a nice toffee or sex toy - just because he gave you a patient ear.

    5. dont treat him too often - because then that will kill the charm of it.

    Train him - like you would train a horse/dog - with rewards. First find out what he craves the most - and then use it for rewarding and training.

    This is how i think it should work - with any living being - human or animal.

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