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How many minutes is 100 MB?

Im getting an Iphone 5 and in my plan, 100mb of data is included. Is that alot? How many minutes is that? And btw i wont be using it often cuz i have wifi at my home & at my school, so its emergency only.

Thanks :)

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    That is different from your minutes. That is your data plan and only goes towards your data usage, ie internet and application that use the internet. That's only about 16 songs downloaded from iTunes but that is about 100 web page views per day for a 30 day period (3000 different page views per month total). This plan is fine for probably all the browsing, social media, and applications you'll want to use but you won't get much out of it if you watch streaming video or download music or apps.

    Bonus tip: turn your mobile data off whenever you're connected to Wifi to make sure you're not unknowingly using your data.

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    minutes vs. MB are no longer a stable indication. it may count on how stable your velocity is. in case you case in point have 2G, it ought to take you 1000 minutes in case you non-end. besides the undeniable fact that, on HSPA+, which would be spent in approximately 20 minutes. additionally, if the content fabric loading is extreme photos, and no cache, you're able to spend greater. an conventional RIM consumer makes use of roughly 250MB in line with month. besides, there are different issues that should apply records which contain BBM, digital mail, video clips, and IM.

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