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Questions about the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)?

1) How difficult is it to be accepted?

2) Does the FBI accept people with military experience(If they didn't go to college)?

3) For those that actually are or were FBI Agents, what's your most exciting moment or experience during your career?

4) How dangerous is being an FBI agent?

5) How often to FBI agents get to visit their family while working?

6) Because the FBI is strict on Physical requirements, can a person be an FBI agent with a(n) Amblyopia/lazy eye(I've got a lazy right eye from birth. I can still see fairly good with it but my left eye vision is very strong)?

7) Is being a FBI agent for a career worth it?

My reasoning of asking these questions is because in 2 months, I'm graduating from high school and I've made a lot of career plannings. I'm planning on either enlisting in the United States Marine Corps for 4 or 6 years of active duty or go straight to community college to improve my GPA and get a degree in Criminal Justice or just get a degree in Business for Business careers.

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    Forget about ever bing an FBI agent. If you are not smart enough to find their website, which answers all of your questions, you could never get hired!

    Just read the web site, you'll see the other two guys are full of ****.

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    A lot of it depends on what you want to do in the FBI. I'm going to assume you're talking about being an agent.

    1) Very difficult. There are currently thousands of people fighting over a single agent slot.

    2) FBI accepts people with military experience, but special agents require at least a bachelor's degree

    3) Can't answer that one

    4) Obviously, the occupation has hazards, but it's difficult to quantify that in a meaningful way

    5) FBI agents generally live with their families as they work. Exceptions are during undercover assignments, surveillance operations, trips, and some forms of training. I understand the biggest separation from family comes during new agent training at the FBI Academy.

    6) Check with the FBI for that one

    7) That would be a personal decision. Each person and their circumstances are different.

    Visit the FBI website ( for more information and details. You may even consider getting in touch with a FBI recruiter at your local field office.

    However, I would not necessarily recommend pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice if your intent is to become a FBI agent. The degrees that are more favorable are things like accounting, computers, and sciences (chemistry, physics, etc).

    FYI, I'm working towards the goal of becoming a FBI agent myself. It's so competitive, I'm working very hard to make myself as competitive as possible (at least on paper). I have a bachelor's degree in Japanese, an associates degree in Intelligence Operations Studies, and working on another bachelor's degree (this time in Forensic Science). I spent a little bit of time in Military Intelligence for the Army, and am working on becoming an Army officer (through ROTC). I've been working at this goal for several years and will continue to work at it for several years to come. My understanding is that becoming an FBI agent requires a lot of dedication and hard work just to be hired on.

    Source(s): FBI Recruiters I've talked to over the years
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    1) there is very thorough background checks and physical requirements.

    2) yes

    3) I was in a USCG LEDET (law enforcement detachment) and I worked with at the FBI sometimes. We raided a vessel carrying loads of drugs and illegal aliens on a Co op assignment. There was a 10 minute firefight, one American wounded. There was 5 armed people on board

    4) It depends, there is desk jobs and field jobs

    5) fairly often if they are in the area

    6) Most likely yes

    7) it is worthwhile if you enjoy law enforcement

    Source(s): USCG LEDET, worked with FBI
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    You would be staying at the Academy itself and they would be providing meals. I am not sure of the travel costs though. In Ohio, when you go to the Academy, you are either offered a state vehicle to drive or they pay for your mileage. I hope this helps and you can find it useful

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