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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago

請求英文神人幫翻此篇人章 (不要google直接翻譯的)

此篇為 Real Reanding 3 第14課之課文 請英文神人幫我翻這一大段 請不要直接貼google翻譯的版本,因為google直接翻譯會有許多地方文意不正確與表達不順暢,請求高手幫翻 謝謝

The concierge,4 Barbara, asked if we would like “eggs, perhaps a little pancetta,5 a few mushrooms?”We waded into breakfast, and were offered advice by Barbara’s impeccably6 dressed colleague, Gigi. The courtyard was deeply submerged and leaving the hotel would be inadvisable before the tide had receded7— in five hours. Ah, well. Best tuck in.

Twenty minutes, some fine food and several coffees later, the lights went out and, finally, the power. Leaving Gigi and Barbara to raise the furniture yet another 18 inches, we retreated upstairs to our room, where Venetian foresight (and separate circuits) had left us power, light, and heat. Outside, gondolas could not pass under bridges. On the Web, the sinking of Venice was once again news.

Later, we would literally wade through an afternoon’s sightseeing in this captivating city, surfacing only to cross the Grand Canal by traghetto (the traditional gondola ferry). Streets filled with flotsam.8 Seagulls bobbed9 on squares. On our return to the hotel, though, only the tidemarks betrayed10 the highest acqua alta in forty years. Had it all been a dream? How could your very first morning in Venice be anything else?

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    7 years ago
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    那個櫃台禮賓員, 芭芭拉, 問我們要不要" 蛋, 或加點義式培根, 磨菇? " 我們涉水吃早餐時 芭芭拉的同事, 穿得一絲不茍的琪琪 , 也給我們建議。庭院被水深深的淹沒, 在漲潮沒退去前--五小時內, 想離開旅館其實是不被建議的。哦! 那麼 就回床上躺著吧!

    二十分鐘, 我們喝過幾杯咖啡,也吃了些美食後, 燈滅了, 電力終於沒了。不管琪琪與芭芭拉將傢俱又再墊高18吋, 我們上樓繼續享受美食, 在有先見之明的威尼斯人所設計的房間內, 分層的電路設計讓房間內還能擁有電力 燈光 與暖氣。外頭 貢多拉( 威尼斯小舟)已不能穿過橋下。網路上, 威尼斯的下沉再度成為新聞。

    晚點, 我們真的涉水參觀這座引人入勝的城市, 路上只有穿過大運河的渡輪(traghetto--傳統義大利渡輪)。街上到處都是飄流物,海鷗來回的在廣場穿梭飛行。不過, 在回旅館途中, 見那背叛了四十年來最高漲潮的浪潮水痕。這一切是夢嗎? 你的第一個威尼斯早晨 還能怎樣過呢?

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