I really love him..I need commitment ..?

My guy and I live far away from each other.He calls up telling me in hindi " apke jaise ladki meinne aj tak nahi dekhi hai" mein apko aaj bhi keh raha hoon hum shaadi kar sakte hai. Life choti nahi hai bahut badi hai ..tension nahi relax karo mein apke saath hamesha hoon.

But the problem is my parents won't allow me to marry him even if I want to. I love my parents I dont know what to do. Our families and friends know we love each other at a distance as we live far away from each other different countries.

He and I are the only kids of our parents. If we marry else where we would be ruining life of our respective partners. We both are of age 24. When should we take the step of marriage. Should I ask him for commitment so that I deal with the fear of insecurity. We love each other truely.... I am really upset so the next time I talk to him u dont know what to say. He tells me ap bahut he achi ghat ki ladki hoo. Ap sirf meri ho. Marte dam tak. Even he said to me that if u want to marry someone else its ok but I'll be right here waiting for you. But here I have an insecurity kind of feeling. We always speak in hindi, he's sweet but I am looking for commitment I don't want him speak to my parents now but after I am sure but I know for sure my family will never agree. I get worried.

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    realize that your parents really have no Business interfering with your life. you are not their possession. you are your own person. you need to do what you need to do in your life.

    if you really love him . you need to let him be free. if he stays with you. then you will be lucky.

    true love is not limiting , but giving freedom. true love is thinking of his happiness over your happiness.

    and for him , your happiness over his happiness.

    but , that puts you at risk for losing him. love is an illusion. a conditional , controlling, selfish , self sacrificing emotion. because when your loved one . disapoints you . you feelings get hurt. which is not love. if you want him to commit. that is not love, but slavery. are you willing to commit to him too. risking your freedom.

    any way good luck to you

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