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Where to go for idea/investment advice?

I need help finding an online forum or website that can help guide me through what to do to get my idea to fruition.

Basically, a company called Convergence Energy sells units of solar panels to be owned by you on their solar farm (a remote location to you). If their information is correct, each unit generates about $5,500 a year in energy sales, given to you in a check monthly.

My idea is to get $7,900,000 in investments given to me as a loan and purchase 100 units of panels. Using the money procured from the energy sales per unit (so $5,500 x 100 per year, $550,000) I would pay back the loans given to me to buy the solar panels, while also making a profit off of the remaining cash flow from energy sales.

So basically I need a website that puts me into contact with people who can help me work through an idea like this and make it come to life. Any ideas?

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    There is no such website you are looking for as far as I can determine.

    But you are talking about a huge investment here. No one is going to give you a multimillion dollar loan to buy a portion of a solar farm. And how much of a cash investment would you have to make? What is the cost of this system per KW of electricity produced? What happens when the actual energy sales are only half of what they projected, then what? Most of these projects are not economically viable without government subsidies and tax credits.

    Send me a private email with the details of what you intend to do and I will look this problem over.

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    Nick, get real. You can visit any possible website. As always, they all want to take your money instead of loaning you money. It's always, 'I need some money, could you loan me some'. Never, 'I have plenty of money, do you want to borrow some?'

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