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has anyone heard of The Management Group for acting and modeling? they are located in LA?

has anyone heard anything about them? i had an interview with them and they seem pretty legit. other than a little sketchy part that they really want me to take head shots with their photographer.

but i can't find ANYTHING about them online or anywhere

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  • 7 years ago
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    I have never heard of them so I can't comment on them directly. But in California it's illegal for any agency to ask you pay them for anything out of pocket UNLESS they are registered as an Advance Fee Talent Service with the Department of Industrial Relations -- all listed here:

    More about Advance Fee Talent services here

    CAL. LAB. CODE § 1701.12 : California Code - Section 1701.12

    "An advance-fee talent service, or its agent or employee, may not do any of the following:......

    (f)Charge or attempt to charge, directly or indirectly, an artist for creating or providing photographs, filmstrips, videotapes, audition tapes, demonstration reels, or other reproductions of the artist, casting or talent brochures, or other promotional materials for the artist."

    Also if they are looking for work for you, they are required by law to hold a valid license issued by the DIR. You can verify they are licensed here

    if they are not listed with their address, license number and expiry date, they are not allowed to act as a model or talent agent and are not allowed to look for work for you

    And they can have you use their photographer but they are not allowed to charge you for the photos pursuant to CAL. LAB. CODE § 1701.12 : California Code - Section 1701.12

    So the first thing to do with any agency before you even speak to any agency is verify they are licensed by the state. If they aren't licensed then keep looking for another agent

    Source(s): 14 years industry experience
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  • 5 years ago

    I have heard of them and I was signed b them as talent and my first gig was to take $700 photos with their photographer...who was amazing and the photos looked incredible!!!! but the thing is, I never got any photos. and I never heard from them again do not let them waste your time or money, believe me.

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