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How does my Fantasy baseball team look?

I'm in a 10 team league and this is my second year doing fantasy baseball. I participated I. A snake draft on Saturday night.

C- Salvador Perez

1st- Joey Votto

2nd- Aaron Hill

3rd- Mike Moustakas

SS- Jimmy Rollins

OF- Matt Kemp

OF- Jose Bautista

OF- Adam Jones

UTIL- Michael Bourn

Bench- Curtis Granderson

Bench- Danny Espinosa

Bench- Michael Morse

SP- Felix Hernandez

SP- Cole Hamels

SP- Johnny Cueto

SP- Matt Latos

SP- Max Scherzer

SP- Yovani Gallardo

RP- Joel Hanrahan

RP- Brandon League

RP- Tyler Clippard

RP- Joaquin Benoit

Bench- Brandon Morrow

Bench- Jeremy Hellickson

Bench- Jaime Garcia

To be honest, I don't think that I did that well. But give your honest opinions and suggestions.

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  • Nick
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    7 years ago
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    yoyo bro, your team is will score plenty of homers,doubles,rbi;s...youll be lacking in the triples,runs and stolen bases but thats fine you dont need to win ever stat to win the league so it looks very very good.....

    now, some suggestions for next the looks of it kemp was your number one and votto 2???the biggest mistake you can make is drafting outfield or 1st base in the first 2 rounds...2B,SS and 3B are the postitions you want to target as the depth at those postitions is dramatically decreased...take 2B for example after cano and pedroia there pretty much all the same, they are the only really 'elite' guys at that got phillips who is great prolly the number 4 dude but he isnt a maybe he was gone, i'm not saying go to pedroia for your 1st round pick then i am just saying i highly recommend you draft those postitions first....

    so say you get cano first pick then tulo second round your sitting with the two best guys at those postitions in the first 2 rounds, you can get a votto type guy like konerko in the 10th at least....maybe later numbers wont be as high as votto but you see my point you will get 30+ and 100 rbi 9 rounds later while still getting a 30+ hr 100+ rbi guy at second and shortstop at a postiton that has very low numbers with guys that will give you that....same with could get mike trumbo again in priolly the 10th or later, yeah he wont have the stolen bases or average kemp would give you but he will have similar hrs and rbi's........

    your team is fantastic i am just giving you something to think about next year obviously there will be others that have the thinking i have so you might not beable to do it but most guys go for first and outfielders the frist few rounds.....

    really cant fault the team though good starters and plenty of them by the looks, you didnt reach for closers which is always the best thing to do is wait....all in all i can see you winning this no problem....really wouldnt have thought it waas a 10 team league if you hadnt said so well done!!

    all the best bro, take care and goodluck on the season!

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  • 7 years ago

    Don't listen to him;Salavador Perez is a solid option. He's the new Victor Martinez. You need to figure out a way to upgrade Aaron Hill. Maybe aim for Neil Walker, who is really good for how low he is in the draft.

    As said, OF is loaded, great pitching. I'd give you a solid A. You'll absolutely be competitive with this roster. Just look to upgradee your 2B.

    Source(s): Won 2 leagues last year.
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  • 7 years ago

    I don't like the Catcher, 1st base is good, 2nd is good, 3rd is a bummer, SS is ok, OF are stacked! Bench is fairly deep i.e. curtis granderson. Pitchers are deep. I think you did pretty well. Infield is slacking, but Hernandez, Hamels, Cuento and Latos are good along with Hanrahan. I would rate it B/B+.

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  • 3 years ago

    Drop Marcus Giles, except you think of you will have the skill to be quickly to hop off of the Ian Kinsler bandwagon. Bench hitters do no longer assist you in any respect, in any style of league. With one greater SP, you the two can get better Ws and Ks, or can seem at in shape-ups, and function better of a decision on who your ultimate play is. desire this facilitates...

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  • 7 years ago

    First of all thanks for posting all the info needed (seriously)

    I like it. If I remember right Danny Espinoza was 3rd base qualified and I had him for a while this past season so he may be an upgrade over Moustakas if that eligibility remains (which i am uncertain of)

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  • bored
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    7 years ago

    Offense: 9/10

    Pitching: 9/10

    Overall: 9/10

    this is an excellent team, well rounded in all aspects. no glaring holes that need to be tended to. should be contender to win it all.

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