Plan A, Plan B, or Plan C?

At our college, there's this thing called Spring Party. It's like high school's spring formal, minus the dancing (my school has a no-dancing policy--dumb, right?). Still, it's a good time to dress up and ask the girls out.

Last semester, I asked this girl out to our "Fall Thing", which was supposed to be a Sadie Hawkins-like thing, where it's the girls who ask the guys out. But for some reason, ASB thought it was a BRILLIANT idea to have the guys ask the girls out.

Sucked for me. I got rejected.

Now this semester, I'm going to try and ask her out again. (And if she turns me down again, I wouldn't know what to do anymore!)

So I was thinking of taking some speakers and playing David Pomeranz's "King & Queen of Hearts." I'll come to her dorm (in the lounge) dressed up in a tux like I'm going to a prom, with a single rose in my hand and a corsage. Then I'll wait for her there while her friends run off to tell her that some sweet guy is waiting for her. Then ask her out on one knee. (PLAN A)

Or maybe I could send her a note, saying, "I never really enjoyed my prom--I was there with a group of friends but no date. What if I could correct that by asking you out to Spring Party? You wouldn't refuse a sad, lonely, broken-hearted guy now, would you?" (PLAN B)

Or I could get a couple of friends as accomplices. Set up the gym, fill it with balloons like it's a prom or something, and have one of her friends lure her into the gym (maybe tell her that she--the friend--forgot something at the gym and would appreciate it if my crush would help her look).

I'll be there in my tux, rose, and corsage, with David Pomeranz's "King And Queen of Hearts" playing.

Maybe I could do both and have a card, telling her I never really had a good prom experience (or a good high school experience). (PLAN C)

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    I feel like you might be over-thinking this, I think the first plan is the best (Plan A), but I would skip the one knee thing. That will freak her out. And don't where a tux, just a dress shirt and pants, since a tux costs like 150$ per day.

    I asked my prom date out at work, I wrote "PROM?" on the refrigerators in cleaning product and one of the customers pointed it out to her.

    She said yes haha.

    Source(s): I'm a Freshman in college. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about! Also, I'm a nursing student and I'm CONSTANTLY surrounded by girls and can hear them talking.
  • 4 years ago

    I got here up with a plan in the present day. even though it relatively is great and familiar and that i'm no longer pinning all of it the way down to too many specifics. i considered something i'd % to try this i'd even make funds at some day. i like great outlines, no longer something too particular, simply by fact issues continually exchange alongside the way besides. i think of Chris, which you do no longer delight in verbosity, yet i'll describe this besides simply by fact it demonstrates what i % to declare. I went to a motor vehicle salvage place the different day searching for tires and that they did no longer have any that greater healthful my motor vehicle yet together as i replaced into there I observed something that disenchanted me very much, an animal being abused. they have a puppy and that they mistreat him. I referred to as the activity warden and if he does not do something I even produce different concepts i will pursue. So together as i theory i replaced into searching for tires, possibly there replaced into fairly yet another excuse i replaced into there. it is why i like my plans to be familiar. simply by fact issues take a turn. so which you're able to open for differences.

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