im 15, how could i find a guy who might be REAL dad?

long story short:

my "dad" whether he is biological or not has put me through EXTREME emotional abuse and has caused so much anxiety and depression problems for me (i woke up to him mastrabating besside my bed, he put a gun up to his head to make me think he was going to kill himself, etc)

i foiund pictures of my moms husband who she was divorcing- she decided to be a hoe and have sex with both of them in a very short amount of time -.- i look like him more than my 'dad' because my is a ery dark cherokee indian and im not, i have more of Peter's looks. no one ever knew where i got my artistic and creative talents from, until we started thinking - peter and his kid/ my possible brother were VERY artistic cause he was in some type of architecture and my brother created awesome stuff.

my mom said i could find him, but she's weird. and i know peter's aunt and uncle, but the uncle wont let his aunt call peter, or give us his number :(

do you know of any FREE online background checkers? i plan to talk to him online or on the phone and just not tell my mom.

another thing that is sort of making me think EVEN MORE that he could be my dad, is i have been having hearing problems and my mom was like " peter had hearing problems in his family" (she tried to keep it to herself but i could tell from her face something was up when i said i was having difficulties) whe she's tipsy or drunk, i attack with the questions becuase she wont remember telling me :) { i dont have straight A's but i am sort of smart when it comes to this kind of thing , my 'dad' gave me lots of practice of having to hide stuff and to weed the truth out as he was a chronic liar)

any tips? great background checkers (i have names of family members also)? and are there any DNA tests i can do with some of my 'dad's hair WITHOUT him knowing? thank you!

and dont tell me not to do it, i will anyways and i'll just repost the question for actual answers :)

btw- i do not plan on telling the guy who thinks he's my dad, though i dont like him i dont want to intentionally harm him, though he never had a problem doing it to me... and dont say "no matter who you're related to, the man who raised you is your father" blood or not he is not my dad, just a horrible sociopath whcares for no one but himself- i know him


are there any DNA tests done with hair? i think my 'dad' would notice if i tried to get his spit lol

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  • Chris
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    7 years ago
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    Hi, I'm in the UK. Over here the Salvation Army offer a family tracing service, I guess they could help you or at least put you in contact with someone who can help. Hope that helps.

  • Angela
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    7 years ago

    You can get a DNA test that uses a cheek swab at walmart, but it's nearly $100 and you have to pay a doctor's lab fee which is usually around $175.

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