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What was the highest temperature recorded in Atlanta?

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    The all-time record is 106 which was set on June 30th, 2012.

    Yes, August 2007 was the hottest month for Atlanta, but the question is for the hottest temperature, and rechecking records does show June 30, 2012 as being the hottest temperature at 106.

    See here:

    Source(s): Atlanta climate data
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    The record for highest daily temperature was 105 degrees, which occurred on three consecutive days starting on July 17, 1980. There was also another reading of 104 that month.

    But for extended misery, it’s hard to beat August of 2007, when temperatures broke 100 degrees for more than a week (Aug. 8-17), according to the National Weather Service. That month became the hottest in city history, dating back to 1878, when records were first kept.

    This means that the first answerer is incorrect and should check his sources.

    Source(s): No hates just corrections.
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