Dell Vostro 420 computer i got from work has a cmos checksum error?

I got this dell vostro 420 computer from work and gave it to my son who is really into computers as well. Although it is nothing special, no video card or memory, or hard drives, he is really in to the quad core processor inside and would like to get it running. Upon opening it up, i was upset to find that the nvidia geforce GT330 1GB video card was missing. All that was remaining was the on-board VGA port. So i stuck in a some spare DDR2 and powered it up. It was loading on the dell screen and the American megatreads logo and featuring the core 2 quad (2.33GHz) and press f12 for BBs popup. USB device(s) 1 keyboard.

And some other stuff and then

"Cmos checksum error" Strike the f1 key to continue or f2 to run the setup utility. I pressed F2 and a clicking noise (Sort of a clickish beeping or something) anyway, it was not a fan problem because it only ocoured when i pressed a key. I need help me and my son have been stuck on this for a while.

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  • 7 years ago
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    It is Dell's way of telling you there were changes made in the hardware after the last boot of the computer. If your battery went dead it would give this error and a time/date error because it would "forget " all of that. When you change the amount of ram it will tell you the same. This is a good feature because if your ram starts to go bad it will let you know something is wrong instead of just moving on. Basically the BIOS has let you know it has made changes from last boot.

    Source(s): 18+ yrs as a computer tech
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