What is the difference between Civil and Environmental Engineering?

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    Environmental Engineering is a specialty practice of civil engineering. Civil engineering specialties include, structural engineering, transportation engineering, surveying and photogammetry, geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics, and hydrology among others. Environmental engineering has more to do with water and waste water treatment, air quality pollution prevention and mitigation, and land fills. Environmental engineers in most states are licensed as civil engineers.

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    Environmental engineering handles the waste generated from project, they design water projects , while civil deals with construction.

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    They're really very different. I know a lot of universities clump the two departments together into one, but the disciplines are pretty distinct.

    Civil engineers deal more with building things... steel, concrete, buildings, bridges, utilities, land development, construction, soil mechanics, and how to get water from one place to another. It's more physics-ish.

    Environmental engineers deal more with avoiding contaminating our water/soil/air... industrial runoff, landfills, soil contaminants, smoke plumes, underground water supplies, superfund sites, and how to keep our water clean, rather than just moving it around like civs do... Erin Brockovich sorts of things. It's more chemistry-ish and biology-ish.

    That's sort of the nutshell version. Wikipedia actually gives a pretty good overview of the two disciplines, if you want a not-so-nutshell version.

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