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How to make a clay mask for art?

The clay mask I want to make is where you put it on your face to make it. Is it safe to make homemade clay and put it on my face?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Most people who make custom-fitted masks on faces use plaster-saturated gauze or latex.

    ...The latex material would be used mostly for very realistic, detailed masks like you see used to make monsters masks and other tv/movie work, etc.

    ...The plaster gauze material would be much more common for basic masks, and plaster hardens pretty quickly (air-dry clay and papier mache, etc, would take at least 4-8 hrs to dry). Those hardened forms would then have air-dry clay or polymer clay placed on top of them if desired to create smoothness, embellishments, etc,

    Air-dry clays come in lots of types**, and I suppose you could make a custom mask on your face with one of those, but as I said they'll take a long time to dry.

    You could though at try putting the clay on your face, then (after at least a while) caaarrrefully taking it off and maintaining the shape underneath with stuffings of various kinds, etc, while it dries.

    Or you could just put the clay on another form, or on another mask, and let it dry in place there though that wouldn't be a "custom" face mask. It would be a lot easier however.

    All of the materials mentioned are "safe" for using on faces. They may have to have releases under them though not to stick, or I guess salt dough clay (which is a homemade air-dry clay) might sting a bit if you have any open wounds on your face.

    You can find lots of info on making masks in all kinds of ways using clays of various kinds, making a plaster gauze mask form on your own face as a "form," and more on this page of my site: (click on MASKS)

    ** (look at the 2nd half of my answer, starting with the section on AIR-DRY CLAYS)


  • 5 years ago

    I posted this to a similar question a couple of weeks back: I personally prefer masks that ignore the features of the face - for instance, a crescent moon. Brainstorming: Stained glass, abstract or with a design Flower - rose, tulip, iris. Dragon Sun and moon. A tarot card, such as the tower. A pure abstract. A recognizable painting or at least copy an artist's style. A punch and judy show with working curtain. A "found object" collage - got a statement to make about beauty? As for materials, just go to your local craft store. There are far more neat things to play with than I could ever remember - plastics that melt and mold, clays that fire in a normal oven (how about a millefiori mask?), paste on gems, special effects paint (a graffiti'ed wall?), yarns of all sorts of looks, and the scrapbooking department offers all sorts of things to work with from papers in innumerable patterns and style, to stickers (jungle mask?) to little paper embellishments (I know of one dragon by jolee's that's really cool).

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    8 years ago

    can you not get a mannequin head? just a thought

    the clay may irritate your skin?

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