What's the best way to fight in Skyrim? Shield and Magic? Sword and Magic? Help!?

I've done dual magic on both hands with fire, but getting killed a lot. What's the best strategy I should use? I'm human.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Well i had spell sword, died alot.. duel spell, its good in the beginning but later on gets harder to use.. best and easiest time I had a while also role playing was picking the nord and going sword (one handed) & shield.. definitely most fun and most competitive.. if you want a little more protection go with a little rejuvination.. if you want to make the game just plain and really really easy even on master difficulty Id put a lot of points in blacksmithing... enchanting too (optional and more broken)

    Source(s): Over 600 hrs and did everything. HOPE THIS HELPS :)
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