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What do you think of when you hear these words?

Write a short description--one or two sentences--about how you feel and what you think of when you heat the following words.




Free Labor

Financial Prosperity


In case you were wondering, I enjoy sociology, and this is a test of the viewpoint of the common citizen.

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    I am not the common citizen.

    Individualist- Someone who values their unique identity and self determined place in society. Someone capable of independent, critical thinking.

    Nationalist - an ardent supporter of national sovereignty & national identity. A patriot yet not excessive like a jingoist.

    Free Labour - A catch phrase that corporate lobbyists use to keep wages low, crush worker's unions, and promote migrant work- like ' right to work.'

    Financial Prosperity- the state of being financially prosperous? A term with vague boundaries that is used to con the middle class. A phrase that is used by presidential candidates to announce a planned change of the current economic system ( for the worse, most likely.)

    War- acts of aggression involving 2 or more groups of people not limited to the using of hard weapons against one another. Financial War. Covert War. Class Warfare. Psychological War.

    Source(s): U.S. drones bombing U.S. Citizens in foreign countries is an American act of war against Americans. Tyranny.
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