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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceStudying Abroad · 8 years ago

How can I go to a university in Europe?

I am a 19 year old male, and recently started my 4 year contract in the US Navy. My plan as of right now is to do my 4 years, then use the Montgomery GI Bill/Post 911 Bill to finish up whatever college I get done durng my time, and get at least an undergrad degree. I have been to Europe (Germany, Italy, Norway, Sapin) and fell in love with Germany. I want to go to school in Europe (maybe specifically Germany, but options are open), and then live and start a life in Europe. How would I go about applying for going to schol in Europe? Also, what are sone good universities? Any advice would be great, especially from anyone who has gone through this and done the same thing. Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    I don't know the system in other European countries, but in Norway all the undergrad programs have a common admissions process and website. I think that for most other countries you still have to contact the individual universities for admissions.

    One point that's worth making is that an American HS degree doesn't automatically qualify for admission to university in Europe. Norway demands quite a bit of extra credits or one year of university/college prior to admission, and I think other countries have similar demands due to the coordination of the European educational systems.

    For grad studies I'm fairly certain that all countries leave this up to the individual universities. You must check their websites to find the relevant information and procedures.

    There is also the language issue. Most programs are primarily in the national languages, and a certification of your language skill is required. If you apply to a course in English this is of course not an issue.

    Regarding the choice of university, it depends on your field of study. The rankings listed below can give you some indication of which universities are worth checking out.

  • 4 years ago

    ok im from england approximately to bypass college so sick answer each and all the questions i will (in basic terms applys to english uni's) a million)sure i think of so, additionally maximum english universitys will appect every person with some point of english aslong as you meet the path standards) 2) oxford, cambridge and it relies upon on what field you're seeking to bypass to uni in e.g. an excellent scientific uni is warick college 3) i think of they'll convert into gcse and a point (english grading gadget) 4) in england there £9000 a term ($14328) 5) they have a bad repuatation yet aslong as your no longer a asshole they generaly wont be =)

  • 8 years ago

    Your student visa, while valid for your studies, wouldn't allow you to stay, live and work in Europe after your course finished.

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