Trying to find a website that may not exist?

You know the game 4 Pics 1 Word? Whenever I get stuck I take the letters and type them in and look at all the choices that are the same length as the number of blank spaces in the level I'm on. For the first time I'm on a level where that doesn't work either. It's a 7 letter word and I can't make any sense out of the pictures. I've checked on several word-finder websites and the best I come up with are a low selection of words, none of which are the solution. I suspect that the solution is not an English word, even though every word thus far was. I don't know what language the solution is in, but based on the pictures I'm guessing it's a European nation like German or Hungarian. I need to find a website or app that unscrambles selected letters into any real words of any language. I've tried googling it, but I keep coming up with multi-lingual dictionaries and translators. Please help me a website that's like scrabblefinder, except multi/omni-lingual.


I didn't want the solution itself, I just wanted a list of words so I can choose the correct one. I know it still counts as cheating but I don't want to skip ALL of the effort. I avoid cheating as much as possible, I just have trouble with vocabulary sometimes. Anyway I've figured it out now, the answer was the name of a country. The scrabble finding websites didn't list that as a result because they were made specifically to cheat in scrabble, in which names aren't allowed.

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    8 years ago
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    Use a site called wolfram|alpha it will take strings of missing letters using '_' to denote the blanks.



    It will display all the results in the dictionary with six letters where 'R' is the third letter. It can also be use to solve crosswords.

    Source(s): I've played the same game and tried to cheat :)
  • awe
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    8 years ago

    You can try, it has many answers for 4 Pics 1 Word, What's the word, What's the pic, etc. Just put one of the picture description in the search bar and go, hope you'll find the answer :)

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