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$250 Million approved to be given to Egypt?

I heard on the news this morning that $250 MILLION dollars was approved for aid to Egypt. REALLY?

The USA struggles with it's own economy, and other major issues. If you even occasionally follow the national news...you know that there are so many appropriate things our gov't could invest our tax dollars into.

Small businesses are getting the 'squeeze play' with mandatory health care. Unemployment rates are still very high. The national debt is not getting any better, and it's likely our great grandchildren will still be paying off the current debt, with yearly additions to it. Our children have suffered in education due to strict school budgets...and soooo much more. I haven't even mentioned Medicare, Social Security, and other federal programs set up for posterity.

I am just wondering what other informed Americans think about this. Where would you RATHER see $250 Million dollars of OUR tax money go? Why does Egypt deserve the handout more than the citizens of this country deserve it invested in our own programs, for our own benefit?

Rants, thoughts, and opinions are welcome.. (I don't need an explanation of what the money is for...it is perfectly obvious that 'buying off' another Middle Eastern country is a way to gain another ally in a part of the world where we are viewed as 'outsiders', 'infidels', and bullying busybodies).

Is this our tax dollars well spent for favor in the Middle East, or better spent at home...where we NEED it?


So, in all essence, here we are buying our security in oil flow and favor with another country in the Middle East. Now, factor in the fact that it was said in another post that we borrowed this money from China to pay to Egypt. Is that honestly fiscal responsibility? No. We have all this oil here at home that we could tap into. Wouldn't $250 million help with infrastructure here, to beef up our lacking oil refineries to use our own gas produced here?

True, we might be better off than other countries...but, this method means we are slipping into slavery to other countries through debt and politics. What truly is the benefit for the average tax paying American? It isn't decreasing the national debt. It isn't cutting taxes, it isn't getting cheaper oil, or creating jobs. It isn't fixing Social Security/Medicare... It's ultimately buying favors...and no certainty on how long it will last....until the next coup and regime expect a hefty handout.

We are even cutti

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  • Kini
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    8 years ago
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    We already give their military $2 billion each year, less than $3 b for Israel. The Egyptian economy is in a terrible state and they need money to rebuilt their infrastructure, the economy, the institutions after the fall of Mubarak. Mubarak probably squirelled the money away that the U.S. gave him for 40 years to keep the peace with Israel and comply with Israel's ambitions. Yes, the U.S. has all the problemss you mention, but the rationale is that if they dont give Egypt's government money, they wont ensure the flow of oil from the Gulf by ship, and they will throw some roadblocks up for Israel's military strategies.

    The U.S. is in better shape than that part of the world. The Dow Jones is at a record high in history. Isnt that comforting. Listen, all that matters in the U.S. is what the Pentagon wants and what the big banks want.

  • Adrian
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    8 years ago

    That is a huge mistake. Those people do not even like America. You are right, the economy here is not good and the conservative in me says it is not wise to borrow from China to give to Egypt, which is what we did.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    For certain a mess.

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