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Juvenile Law of Marriage, please help!?

I will be seventeen years of age on the 20th of March, 2013. I am currently living in the state of Ohio. I had my son December 12, 2012. My fiance, Ty, is eighteen. He will be nineteen November 5, & is also enlisted into the Marines. The child, & I plan to live on base with Ty after he finishes his basics. I am a junior in High School with A's & B's. I do all of my classes online, & have completed a whole grade within three months. College is a must for this girl! Although,I would like to get married sooner.I strongly believe it will be better for my son. Ty has lived with me for three weeks until moving in with his mother in Mansfield, Ohio. The child & I stay in Mansfield for weeks at a time, until at-turning home. I have found online that you can get married at the age of sixteen through pregnancy without parental consent by approval of the court. I am aware it'd be juvenile court, but how do i get started on my case. Do I even have a case, really? What do I need to do? I have checked more into the matter & noticed I would need to take couple counseling. We have been together for a strong year, I have no doubts about the marriage. I concluded it would probably have to be taken to probate court, but what do I need to do. His side of the family is so very supportive, as well as mine although they do not support the idea of an early marriage, How do I take action of this matter?


Brooklyn C. Smith

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    You first read the relevant code section(s). If a minor can file for themselves, you file a petition (or something similar) with the correct (probably juvenile) court. Many courts now have forms online. You also (usually) have to pay a filing fee. States can also have a residency requirement, something like six months, which must be met prior to filing. Then it can take months to get a hearing. Also, daddy may need to appear at the hearing... not so easy if he's deployed. The easy way is to hire a family law attorney to make sure all of these requirements are met and to file for you. The easier way is to wait until you are both over eighteen.

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    You are mistaken. Even if the judge approved the marriage, you wouldn't be able to get married without parental consent. When it comes to minors getting married, judges cannot overrule parents.

    You will be 18 before you know it. It the love between you and Ty is real, marriage can wait another year.

    Good luck

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    You can petition for a judge's does not mean you will get it. It takes extraordinary cause to overturn parental rights to consent on this. Millions of girls get pregnant..and marriage isn't always the solution (or cause for court approval).

    You won't live on base unless you are legally married. So, you need to cope with SEEING if you get approval first. If nothing else, continue with your educational goals, and hopefully, your parents will see this as rational that they will consent.

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    You really can't wait until you are 18 to save all the hassle?

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