Can I hook up my KRK Rokit 6s to a powered mixer?

I have a Peavey 560 Powered Mixer and I just ordered some KRK Rokit 6s. Is it possible that these can work together? Can powered speakers work with powered mixers? What mixer would be best? I have no money limit.

I'm new to production, so any help is wanted.

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  • Tony B
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    7 years ago
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    I used Google but could only find Peaver XR560 (rather than just 560). I would call it a 5 channel PA amplifier but, as you suggest, it's referred to as a "powered mixer". It would be used for simple live applications. I am sure it is of good quality but it has limited features and personally I would mot consider it to be a "mixer". It is designed to be connected to PA speakers for, as I said, live work.

    The KRK Rokit 6 speakers are active studio monitors. I would not expect the two pieces of equipment to even be in the same room, they certainly won't work well together, if at all. I suppose it might be possible to bypass the power amp in the Peavey "powered mixer" (you would need to see what outputs are available and look at the user manual). Do not connect the speaker outputs on the amp to the inputs pf the speakers - you could wreck both.

    Really, I would be reluctant to try to get these items to work together. Even if you succeeded the sound is likely to be poor. To use the speakers, you just need an ordinary mixer designed for studio use, one that does not contain a power amp.

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