Why do like to say that racism doesn't exist, or act like black people are making things up?

Time and time again I'm always hearing people say that it's 2013 and racism doesn't exist, and majority of the time when black people talk about it we're just complaining. Obviously I can see that racism isn't coming to an end anytime soon, but why are people acting like it just disappeared, because of the year that we're in. I usually hear white people say that racism doesn't exist, and then its usually the ones not being affected by it. I understand that lala land is a cool place and all ,but why do people act like having scholarships, and a black president means that racism is gone?

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  • 7 years ago
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    First off...How you been?

    People who will claim that racism doesn't exist are the ones who don't deal with racism but racial slurs (not the same with racism). They are around docile blacks who are willing to appease and cajole their ethnocentric egos. They are looking for the type of lynching and cross burning racism instead of racial profiling, job denying, predator loans, bias judicial system, books (Bell Curve) and etc.

    You have to understand the pyscho-history with whites and their schizophrenic perspective on race relations in America. They've separated themselves from Blacks throughout centuries until 50 years ago. And will have the nerve to call us racist. Then claim blacks are separating themselves from whites. Really?

    Since we elected the Obama as our president and we all know he has a white mother and he is biracial but it doesn't stop white people calling a N*gger and other racial epithets that are directed as black people. But they will get mad at him and Black people for calling him Black. Crazy right?

  • Sam
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    7 years ago

    I've wondered that myself, and I'm actually white. I think it's because people think because the laws are equal now racism isn't a real issue and they don't want to deal with it. Just like if some girl brings up sexism (though racism is probably more prevalent then sexism) guys will think it's just "a whiney feminist" and it sexism isn't an issue just because women have the same rights legally. Same with racism, and also things like gay marriage and so on... passing equal laws doesn't make prejudice go away and a lot of people fail to understand that, or if people haven't personally seen something they don't think of it as a real problem.

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    4 years ago

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    Why do like to say that racism doesn't exist, or act like black people are making things up?

    Time and time again I'm always hearing people say that it's 2013 and racism doesn't exist, and majority of the time when black people talk about it we're just complaining. Obviously I can see that racism isn't coming to an end anytime soon, but why are people acting like it just...

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  • 7 years ago

    Racism exists, but its form has changed.

    Now there is no slavery in America, no lynches etc. BUT racism exists in a form of propaganda.

    It's the same as in case of mrs Debbie Schlussel who said that Polish people killed Jews (I'm Polish, my great-grandfather died while saving the Jews from the German Nazis) and that Polish people are wild animals who will kill everyone who's around. She also said that all Muslim people (not only Arabs but other Muslims as well) should die just like Bin Laden (quote: "1 down, 1.8 billion more to go").

    As you see sista, racism is not only aimed at Black people nowadays, but true, Black people are the victims of the biggest racist propaganda. Who has the media, has the power over human brains.

    2013, and racism still exists.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Most likely the individuals who say that have never personally experienced or witnessed actual racism.

    However it is quite possible that they feel that their freedom of speech is severely "oppressed" by tho politically correct who don not tolerate ANY white person who dares to criticise ANY member of ANY minority group. The mentality or some people these days is almost as extreme as to say "all minorities are by definition innocent of all allegations, and any white person who presents evidence to the contrary needs to be shunned and silenced." Therefor if people do not stand up against this counter culture then there will be no truth or justice. Minorities are just human beings like everyone else and should be treated an judged as such.

  • Eminy
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    7 years ago

    White privilege allows people to put blinders on. When you live a nice and comfy life, it's easy to ignore the issues around you. Then, when the racism is blatant enough, people can hide behind "Well, at least we have a black president" or "Well, very few people think that way!" or "Oh, it's JUST A JOKE."

    So, in summation, ignorance.

  • 7 years ago

    Because to them it doesn't exist. Nor do they care if it exist either. The only white people who will talk about racism are people who work in the law system or somebody who dates a black person. Personally usually i hate to say it, its white people who usually don't date outside their race. So typically their only interaction with somebody using the word racism is "oj's lawyer" And we are not even going to get into that fool.

    I was arguing with some people on facebook about how taylor swift benefited selling records cause she was white. Being black i promise she would need to have a much better voice and people would have got very tired of her.

    But whats funny is nobody has a problem saying "your looks make a difference in life", nobody has a problem saying "you will get treated different if you are female or male". All those are ok, and we can agree on that. But somehow people want to side step race. Its part of your appearance, it counts.

    Everything about TV is racist. Watch that bad girls club. Black girls answering the door ghetto, and fighting and the white girl is usually slutty (thats another stereotype the media like to portray, the white girl who gets along with a black person is slutty). Its all over. I just get tired of talking to CERTAIN white people about. Then they think you are "the angry black guy". No im passionate about what i think, and i know im right so why would i get mad. Id bet my next paycheck on it that im right. Un like others i don't talk about topics i have no clue about. I'm not going to sit and argue about how far a woman should dilate while talking to a pregnant woman

  • 7 years ago

    Obama did not magically make racism disappear. And to state the year in response to any mention or discussion of racism is illogical and to believe that about forty years since the civil rights movement (1950s-68) racism would completely disappear without a trace is naive.

    The fact is racism is alive and well. Statistics show that blacks are paid a lower wage than whites, Asians, and Hispanics for the same job and with the same qualifications. Studies show that blacks consistently face discrimination when applying for jobs and that racism is a major factor that leads to fewer job opportunities for blacks. Racial profiling by the police is still a major issue as well as the disproportionately high incarceration rate of black males. Many other studies and issues prove that racism has not disappeared yet people still act as though they believe it has.

    The reason for people's denial of the existence of racism is complex. Part of it is the misconception of what racism is and what can be defined as racism. To many people, racism is only overt verbal or physical aggressions against an individual because of their race. Even then, it has to be explicitly and undeniably stated by the perpetrator of this racism that their acts were because they dislike or hate the victim's race. But in reality, racism has many forms and may be overt or covert. Even then, the perpetrator may not even admit to themselves, let alone to others, that their actions are based on racism. Because racism is such a sensitive topic and due to the stigmatization of the word "racism" and "racist", people shy away from such labels and from overt displays of racism in order to avoid this label.

    Another part of it is the self-denial many people have about their own ideas about race. Prejudice is very common among people. Yet, in North America, many either lie to themselves (or to others) about their racist attitudes. Some might have very racist views and discriminate against certain races and yet they try to justify their views or attribute to anything other than racism.

    Lastly, like any enduring and widespread discrimination that places certain groups into disadvantage and leads to stigmatization and injustice, racism is able to continue and maintain its hold over every facet of society through the suppression of discussions on race and racism. The ridicule of those who attempt to open such dialogue also aids in the preservation of widespread racism.

    Regardless, it is best to acknowledge reality and to speak the truth in spite of what society seems to approve or disapprove of.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The only people that think that, are people who are not racist and see other people as equals no matter what skin color. Im white I dont say racism doesnt exist, I know it does but i try to avoid the topic becasue feeding into it all the time only makes that much more of a reality. I dont deny that their is racism becasue there is, but in my book for me I dont have that problem I think everyone is the same. And dont boil it down to white people alright, white people get sh-t all the time, they are always looked at as bad person becasue of past history and black just as much as latinos are equally prejiduce towards whites. Of course Im not saying all of them are, but Im so sick of everyone thinking that just becasue a person is white, that they dont experience prejidiuce

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    7 years ago

    Denial. They know people are racist but to them it isn't racism. They feel if someone hates black people it's okay and that blacks deserve it. When blacks talk about the discrimination they have faced others think blacks should just suck it up and stop whining. They just want so badly to believe blacks play the victim and are overly sensitive.

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