Why is he so mean to me? I didn't do anything to him.. and i know he doesn't like me..?

So, there's this guy names Michael and he has been just such a jerk to me for the past couple months.. like i didn't know him that well and some girl in my math class said "i like your jacket!" and i said "thanks!" he then butted in the convo and said "i can't think of anything to say... oh i like your calculator..(in a tone like i didn't have anything nice to say about you kinda way)" and every time on the computer and am listening to music he says "turn it down.." and he sits next to me in science and he kept knocking off all my pencils and my binder and i kept having to pick it up over and over again and he wouldn't stop turning off my computer and i said "please stop" and he kept doing it in a rude not funny way.. and recently i asked if one of the baseball players on his team like me and i asked if i was right and he asked the guy if he liked me and he said "i know who you like and he doesn't like you.." and i said "i don't like him" and i asked him what did the guy say and michael said "why do you care so much" and i said "because it concerns me if you were talking about me" and he said "sure.." and next time in class i asked him when his baseball game was and he said "i'm not telling you in a jerky kind of way" and i said "okay then" and he said " why you just wanna go see adam play dont you?" and i said " no, i don't even know him that well." and he said "do you know what he looks like and i said "well obviously" and i said "maybe if i knew him better and liked his personality maybe i could like him.." and he said "he doesn't like you and doesn't want to get to know you.." (he said it in such a rude tone) and i went to there baseball game with my friends and he looked at my best friend in a weird way like "what are you doing here?" (in a annoyed look to my friend)


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  • 8 years ago
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    Yeah hes probably just trying to get a reaction out of you and if its bothering you that bad tell somebody or ask him why he is bothering you and when he doesn't have an answer he might stop or he may even like you but according to this I doubt it. I hope he stops and good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Some people are just like that

  • 8 years ago

    just stop talking to him! maybe he feels annoyed. just ignore him and he will go away. he just wants to get a reaction out of you. stop talking to him hes a turd!

  • 8 years ago

    just ignore him, he seems like a total ******* douche.lol.

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