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What CPU should i use for a Gaming rig?

So im about to be spending a lot of money on a new rig.

And i know all the parts and componets ill be using but i need a suggestion on the CPU.

i have chosen two (CPU)'s that i need some help on making my mind up on.

First one is the I7 3970X its around $1050

second one is the I7 3770K its about $400

I know all the specs on these two CPU's but i want a opinion on what i should use for a Gaming rig or what should I overclock the I7 3770K To?

My current component list is the following :

CPU: 1 of the 2 CPU's listed - I7 3770K or I7 3970X

GPU: GTX 690 4GB

MotherBoard: Asus P9X79X Pro

RAM: 32GB 1600Mhz

Cooling: H100I Liquid Cooling

Case: CoolerMaster HAF X FlagShip

PSU: 1050W

Price Currently:

I7 3970X Total : $2,982

I7 3770K Total : $2,382


The I7 3970X is a 6 Core 3.5-4.0ghz CPU

The I7 3770K is a 4 core 3.5-3.9ghz CPU


No, I am not, im going based off Fry' an And my budget is under $3,000 an i was going to spend at least 2300-3500 for a rig that will last longer then 4 years an have enough room for improvement an i am not rich is why im asking an opinion as to should i waste an extra 800 on a 6 core.

I was saving up for a MSI laptop a year ago but the 4 i got one after the other was Defective.

So then i was saving up for another an then came to a conclusion that laptops are not good performance then a desktop obliviously.

You don't need to just jump to conclusions an start pulling assumptions out of your a**.

Oh an you know the

Price currently:

I7 3970X Total : $2,982 IS NOT JUST THE CPU....

Its the

case, cpu, ram, fans, cooling, Hard drives - No i didnt list them because there not that important if i need help with a CPU!

The hard drive's - 3x SSD 128GB RAID 5

And 2X 4TB 7200rpm 64mb buffer Raid 0


Michael you don't have to be a tot

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    Most games don't utilize more than 2 cores or 4 max (almost never) and NONE yet utilize hyper threading, and thats the difference between the 3930 and the 3970x, in fact hyper thread parking can create micro stutter when gaming, so far overall performance and using your money efficiently, the 3770k would do whatever you tell it to and you would see no in game performance decrease between a 3970x and a 3770k. I don't think you will need to OC it more than 4.0 or 4.2 its just life taken away from the CPU the higher the overclock and 4.2 or 4.0 is already enough power for just about anything.

    Side note: The 3770k uses a different socket so if you do get it I would recommend the ASRock OC Formula 1 its about 239.99 and its a ******* beast (I own one) and considering that LGA2011 motherboards are just more expensive in general it would probably be of better quality (ASRock Formula 1), and it has a 20% better 5 star rating than the LGA2011 board you have listed.

    Source(s): Also I don't know where you are shopping or if you are just hopping prices up to make yourself look richer but has the 3770k for about $329.99 US Dollars
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    3930k would be a good one. It's half the price of the 3970X and it only loses a little performance which can be made up with overclocking.

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