Comparing and Contrasting "The Starry Night" to it's own Painting?

Hello everyone, i'm having a little trouble comparing this poem to it's visual art. This is the instructions i have got.

Compare and contrast the poem to the visual art on which it is based. What details does the poet emphasize?

What seems exaggerated in the poem and not in the visual art? What does the poem omit? What

accounts for these differences?

Can anyone help plz

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    Do you mean this poem;

    The town does not exist

    except where one black-haired tree slips

    up like a drowned woman into the hot sky.

    The town is silent. The night boils with eleven stars.

    Oh starry night! This is how

    I want to die.

    It moves. They are all alive.

    Even the moon bulges in its orange irons

    to push children, like a god, from its eye.

    The old unseen serpent swallows up the stars.

    Oh starry starry night! This is how

    I want to die:

    into that rushing beast of the night,

    sucked up by that great dragon, to split

    from my life with no flag,

    no belly,

    no cry.

    Anne Sexton

    The town is sleeping through the galactic spectacle surrounding it.

    The poet sees action on a grand scale in the stars and moon while the town merely exists. The only earthly participant is the tree in the foreground. The 'drowned woman' phrase implies that only in death can someone participate. I don't see it that way, more like being on the fringe allows for the necessary freedom.

    She sees a containment (unseen serpent) that I don't, maybe the swirl of the clouds?

    She wishes to die having being like the celestial players having had a grand dance and with no regrets.

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  • 3 years ago

    Anne Sexton Starry Night

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  • 3 years ago

    It is quite good

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