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My samsung 8000 led smart tv?

I need help i have a samsung 8000 led smart tv..Sometimes the picture quality is perfect and sometimes it's really off and the picture is not clear i really need help to fix this.

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  • Rick
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    8 years ago
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    We have a samsung un55es8000 display in a relatively bright room. We bought the led because everyone,including the tech reviews, claimed that led was better for brighter areas. I wish we hadn't listened to this baloney. We are not happy with the performance of this tv no matter what we do. Your discription of the issue was exactiy what we are experiencing. Sometimes great,sometimes not so great and its connected properly with hdmi and professionally calibrated. Now I'm trying not to kill the tv here,it just was not what we expected. Too many variations in the actual display.

    Source(s): What really aggravates me is that we have three panasonic tvs (50" and larger) and they are fantastic. We got them right and the led wrong. Good tv but not as good as the plasmas and cost some dough. Pisses me off.
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    I even have the hot samsung LED E8000 and it relatively is great,the clever constructive properties like complete genuine browser and 3-D in complete 1080P there is an app for little ones and 3-D apps that look surprising and the hot glasses are the sg4100 very easy and captivating for 3-D glasses lol,I had a sonyex400 had the worst image I couldnt have self belief how undesirable it replaced into so i've got been given the greater constructive 7 sequence and merely didnt look right so i went to av professional a hugh end shop wher they're going to teach you person tvs and play your %. or video clips you carry for perfect assessment,the salesperson didnt push too plenty as each and every thing replaced into comparable priced yet I defined my Sony catch 22 situation and he suggested Sony isnt good because it replaced into 10 years in the past and with television expenditures dropping on elementary point stes the different companys are killing them plus that they had the great class action on their authentic line lcds then.So i had 2 tvs in my budget as he had 40 thousand dollar projectors and genuine hi end,he suggested the samsung each and every person needs however the perfect organic image replaced into Plasma and panasonic or samsung have been perfect for me.I actually have a panasonic 50VT25 and merely have been given a Samsung Es8000 and After calibrating ,which they do as area of fee they wont sell a television without calibrating .seems impressive! FYI each and every business enterprise is hurting we are in a worldwide recession yet I appeared in the previous answering in the situations and Sonys inventory ytd has dropped 12% and comparable final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days in the event that they have been a smaller business enterprise they could be bought out inventory holders in basic terms positioned up with maximum of loss excuses,New CEO and complete branch revamp.Its everywhere in the internet merely look it up.the respond is bypass with Samsung or in case you dont could get LEd look on the Panasonic or samsungs for 20112,very great and incredibly rated.

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