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I'm a Chief fan and all i want to see is improvement. Last year i stated that Romeo was not the coach KC needed and M.Cassell is not a starting Qb in the NFL. Needless to say CHief fans didn't like my assessment. Well a year later seems like i wasn't so wrong after all

. 1st Rnd pick LT Okl Lane Johnson : His size and ability are superior with better technique he could be star. 3rd Rnd Pk CB UConn Dwayne Gatz : Speedy and physicaly strong. 4th ILB Jon Bostic could be starter day one. 5th Rnd Pk Go for big upside: WR Mark Harrison 6'3 230lb runs 4.46 long arms and still benched 17reps #s you can't ignore (T.Owens). FA's : 1 backup QB bring back Tyler Thigpen, 2 DE A.Okoye in 3 technique, and last A.Smith needs that fast TE to create miss matches like former teammate V.Davisn = Former teammate 49er TE D.Walker or TE D.Keller.

I'm just a fan looking at options here don't bash me for trying . GO CHIEFS!

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    Chiefs fan myself. I like some of your picks. I hate the idea of taking a LT at #1 though, epsecially Lane Johnson. We have the LT he couldn't beat out in college on our roster already. Stephenson will be fine at LT if they don't get Albert re-signed.

    Ideally, they have a trade in place to move down from #1 overall and get that 2nd Round pick we gave up for Smith back. I can only assume they have this worked out already and that's why they were so happy to overpay for Smith.

    If that isn't the case though

    1) Shariff Floyd - DT/DE

    3) Bacarri Rambo or TJ McDonald - S

    3rd Comp) Kevin Reddick - ILB

    4) Matt Scott - QB

    5) Nick Kasa - TE

    Free Agents:

    Sean Smith or Brent Grimes to play corner

    Jason Smith OT

    Greg Jennings WR

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