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Am I pregnant earily signs?

My fertial days were feb 17-22 and I ovulated on one of those days me and my bf are ttc and he ejaculated in me every day from the 15 to today still. I'm thinking i may be pregnant. I hope anyways. My last period was feb 9 lasted 5 days I have a 25 day cycle and am due Tuesday The last few days iv been very nasious and extremely moody and cranky iv also had some cramps and had a non stop head ach since last night and still now over 24 hours and last night lower back pain a bit. My breasts don't feel different at all which I no doesn't mean I'm not pregnant. Also 2 days ago the smell of peanut butter made me sick to my stomach and still can't eat it? Can I test now what are my chances please give me some input! Thanks in advance

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    I don't know, you should go to the doctors.. You may be pregnant, I'm 8 weeks pregnant myself but best of luck! Let me know how it goes.. (:

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    7 years ago

    There is a possibility you are, you should wait until you miss your period or expect your period are the most accurate days to test with a home pregnancy test, best of luck(:

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    I think you could be but you'll have to wait and see if you miss your period.

    If you do, then take a test.

    Good luck!

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