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for becoming an expert martial artist, does one have to understand martial arts true meaning?

BQ: what is MA true meaning?


switch the word "expert" with "master" thanks.

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    What is an "expert martial artist"? I have nearly 46 years of serious martial arts training. I was fanatical about training from my teens to my late mid 30's. I owned my own dojo from the early 1970's til late 1997. Since then I have studied and taught privately. I hold high ranks and masters titles in Karate, Jujitsu, and Kempo (more than one style of each), as well as black belts ranks in Iaido and Kenjutsu. Yet, I have no idea what a martial rats expert is. Expert is an English term, not an Asian one. I never use the term since it is so vague anyway. No knowledgeable martial artists I know uses the term either. As far as I'm concerned the term is not a good one for describing any martial arts ability.

    But to try to answer your question..... no no one is expected to understand martial arts true meaning. I'm not even sure that you could say there is only one true meaning. The martial arts are about two things. first they are about learning how to defend yourself from a threat to you life. Second, it is about learning about your self and how to improve it. Someone one said that martial arts are tools to kill the Ego. Meaning that by training it is possible to get to a point where you no longer care what others think about you, and you no longer feel you have to prove anything, to anyone or yourself.

    To me learning self-defense is easier than getting to the point where you have nothing to prove and don't care what anyone thinks about yourself. At times I am there, others not. That is my goal now.

    EDIT: The term "master" is as misunderstood as the word expert. Perhaps more so. If you read what is written on Y/A in the Martial Arts section, you quickly see that many of the people here are even more confused as to what a master is than most people I have met in person...

    It is common to read questions where the person answering says something like, "My master......". This happens so often that I can only conclude that many of these people don't know that their instructor is not a master by any realistic or historical definition. I say that because they throw the word around like everyone that teaches is a master. I can tell you that masters are a small percentage of those out there teaching. A black belt is not a master. A true master is as far ahead of a black belt as a college professor is beyond a sixth grade student.


    Source(s): Martial arts training and research over 45 years, since 1967. Teaching martial arts over 39 years, since 1973
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    If you want became a master

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