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    Travellers need to know

    Dear customer, welcome to our hotel, for your safety, enjoyment of this hotel, and protect your privacy from unlawful violation, please be sure to take a few minutes to complete the notice read, so you will surely goes well with a pleasant and safe stay, thank you for your patronage.

    A part, public safety:1. make sure your living room location and the location and direction of emergency safety escape so easy and familiar location able to comfortably escape when an emergency occurs.2. do not smoke in bed or use any stove cooking items.3. do not install on lighting or shade clothes drying on clothes.4. do not gambling, in the room the night the hubbub, opium, morphine or other substitutes.5. do not bring firearms, dangerous goods or other prohibited articles stay.6. make sure the door is locked before sleeping (such as within the chain on the card).7. neatly when in public areas within the hotel activities and not to loud.8. valuables please keep left to counter not placed inside the room.

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    Hotel Guest Rules

    Dear customer, welcome to our the hotel. In order to ensure safety and enjoyment during your stay, and to protect your privacy, please take a few minutes to read this notice. Thank you for your patronage.

    I) Public safety:

    1. Please familiarize yourself with the layout of our hotel, to facilitate escape in case of emergency. Confirm the location of your room and the direction toward emergency exits.

    2. Do not smoke in bed or use any cooking stove.

    3. Do not dry clothes on top of the lights.

    4. No gambling. Do not use illegal substances (illicit drugs or marijuana).

    5. Firearms, dangerous items, and illegal goods are prohibited from the premises.

    6. Please make sure the door is locked before bedtime. Also use the door chain if available.

    7. Please dress appropriately while in hotel common areas. Be respectful toward others by keeping your volume down.

    8. Do not keep valuables in the room. Use our counter safe to keep your valuables secure.

    * 「如此您必能順心愉快且安全的住宿 」此句省略不翻, 因為之前已有為讓您能安全愉悅的於本飯店住宿」,若再重覆語意會顯得不專業.

    * 「照明燈具上或燈罩」用 lights就包括燈罩 lamp shades, 若多加說明也是不專業的寫法.

    * 括號中的字句其實不必要, 去除會比較專業. 版主可自行定奪.

    * counter safe 是櫃台保管箱.

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