To be bitter or not to be bitter, that is the question?

Every time high school comes to mind, I remember all the bitter memories. I was the outcast, the outsider, the shy, nerdy kid the jocks bullied and the girls ignored.

And we all know that prom is an essential part of a person's teenage years. Well, I got to attend prom because a few good friends (cool, popular people who really thought I was worth it, not like the jocks and hot cheerleaders who treated me bad) took me with them.

But I didn't get to ask a girl out. Didn't even get to dance--I was just there, out our table. Alone. They all came with dates. And there was no one in the room I could ask to dance.

Come to think of it, though, I asked this girl named Stacy to dance. So that wasn't so bad.

But I sometimes feel bitter and resentful and want to go back in time and change my prom experience (and I wish I wasn't treated so bad).


What blessings exactly??

Update 2:

Note: I forgot to clarify--the dance with Stacy happened in senior year (not junior year, when I went with a group of friends).

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  • Joel
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    8 years ago
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    Don't be bitter, count your blessings and stop complaining. If you fuel your bitterness, you'll become more and more negative, and even less people will want to be your friend. Just count your blessings and stop complaining.

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