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My entire inbox, sent, spam, and trash have been deleted! Account deactivated without my knowlege!?

I notices something fishy when my last email was 7:30 am. I tried logging in on my iphone and ipad and it said my password wouldn't work. Then I finally went to the pc and logged in with my account and it said my account has been deactivated! I never did this. I said reactivate my account, but everything is gone! AND there's some IM online with a kenneth_wun who is NOT a contact! Changed the password and reported it. What else can I do?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Fill out a Mail Restore form ASAP you only have 48 hours to restore lost mail

    Fill out a Contacts Restore

    Also do all of the following to protect your privacy and identity

    - Go to Options > Mail Options > POP & Forwarding to make sure your emails are not all being forwarded to the hacker’s address

    - make sure the alternate email address is still yours and you have a security question and answer set

    - until you get your Contacts back find some other way to reach them - Facebook, twitter, text, etc -- to inform them that your account was hacked. They will be getting an email from the scammer claiming to be you needing to borrow money for some emergency

    - if you used your same username and password for ANY other site, you need to immediately change all of those accounts. Unfortunately 80% of people use the same username and password for everything. Hackers know this and once they know your email login they'll try those same details on Facebook, Paypal, Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon, EBay, every major bank and credit card company, etc to try and hack those accounts as well

    - if your emails contained ANY financial information (Paypal receipts, online banking statement, credit card bills, et) you need to IMMEDIATELY inform these institutions. You will have to freeze your bank and credit card accounts and get new account numbers and cards sent to you. Set up a new email address to change your Paypal account. These hackers will go through all of your emails to see if there is anything they can use to steal your money and identity

    - also consider filing a fraud alert with the credit bureaus -- read the FTC website

    You didn't get an email recently that looked like it was from Yahoo asking you to verify or update your account, or that your account had exceeded its limits, or that there was suspcious activity did you? That was not from Yahoo, that was a phishing scam

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  • 4 years ago

    Yep, it is junk mail very well. Because it was once forwarded from a pal, simply delete it. However at some point, if whatever is shipped from an electronic mail addy that you do not admire and when you've already deleted it however it's still in your trash bin, transfer it to your inbox, then click on the button next to it (where the verify mark goes) after which click "unsolicited mail". This will get suggested to yahoo right away as spam.

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  • 7 years ago

    Exactly what happened to me, and at the 24 hour mark got an auto reply that the messages were restored. I was signed in already so went to that tab & was (briefly) relieved-I saw that the total was up to 147k messages from 48, although it looked like the newest message was from 1/28/13, so somehow a month of email was lost (so I thought). But when I tried to scroll I was told to sign in again, and when I did IT WENT BACK TO THE 48 MESSAGES FROM THE LAST DAY!

    I don't know what to do. Should I do the restore request again? The 48 hour window is closing.

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  • 7 years ago

    It happened to me and many others yesterday, NONE OF US are getting a reply off Yahoo no matter where we try and contact them, Ive got 11 years of folders and emails gone, I was in the middle of sending an email and it told me the account I was sending to was deactivated, went to my inbox and EVERYTHING was gone. I wasnt using an email client either.

    I contacted yahoo straight away through all means possible and NO REPLY - I know its only been 14 hours BUT the longer they take the more chance it is all gone for good!!!

    Id suggest joining all the yahoo groups facebook pages etc as hopefully it will be posted how to fix this mess once they realise what they have done to many LOYAL 10+ years customers!!!!!!

    On facebook pages dont just post also add your question in comments so it actually gets read!………

    Good luck!

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