Liberal pressure made Bush invade Iraq?

Check out this shocking list of top liberals who voted to force Bush into war:

Joe Biden - Dem Vice President, Dem presidential candidate, Dem Senator from Delaware

Hillary Clinton - Dem First Lady, Dem Senator from New York, Dem presidential candidate, Dem Secretary of State

Harry Reid - Dem Senate majority leader; Dem Senator from Nevada

Henry Waxman - Dem rep from California, Dem house energy chairman, considered one of the most liberal house members

John Kerry - Dem Senator from Massachusetts, Dem presidential nominee, Dem Secretary of State

John Edwards - Dem vice-presidential nominee, Dem Senator from North Carolina, Dem presidential candidate

Richard Gephardt - Dem House majority and minority leader, Dem presidential candidate, Dem house rep from Missouri

Steny Hoyer - Dem House majority leader, Dem house minority whip, Dem house rep from Maryland

Charles "Chuck" Schumer - Dem Senator from New York, Dem policy committee and Senate rules committee chairman

Joe Lieberman - Dem Senator from Connecticut, Dem vice-presidential nominee

Charles "Buddy" Roemer - Dem governor of Louisiana

Carolyn Maloney - House rep from New York, prominent gun control activist

John Murtha - Dem rep from Pennsylvania, Dem house defense appropriations committee chair

Steve Israel - Dem house from New York, Dem congressional campaign committee chair

Tom Daschle - Dem Senate majority leader, Dem Senator from South Dakota, Dem nominee for HHS Secretary

Max Baucus - Dem Senate finance committee chairman, Dem Senator from Montana

Rod Blagojevich - Dem house rep from Illinois, Dem governor of Illinois

Dianne Feinstein - Dem Senate intelligence committee chair, Dem Senator from California, gun control sponsor

Isaac "Ike" Skelton - Dem house rep from Missouri, Dem house armed services committee chair

Chris Dodd - Dem Senator from Connecticut; author of Dodd-Frank financial reform bill

Byron Dorgan - Dem Senator from North Dakota, chairman of the Democratic Policy Committee

Maria Cantwell - Dem Senator from Washington, Dem chair of Senate committee on Indian affairs

Chuck Hagel - Nominee for Dem Secretary of Defense, Senator from Nebraska

Tom Harkin - Dem Senator from Iowa, Dem Senate health/education/labor chairman

Ernest "Fritz" Hollings - Dem Senator from South Carolina, Dem governor of South Carolina

Mary Landrieu - Dem Senator from Louisiana, Dem Senate small business committee chair

Jay Rockefeller - Dem Senator from West Virginia, Senate INTELLIGENCE (lol!) committee chair

Ben Nelson - Dem Senator from Nebraska, Dem governor of Nebraska

Bill Nelson - Dem Senator from Florida, Dem insurance commissioner

Zell Miller - Dem Senator from Georgia, Dem governor of Georgia

Blanche Lincoln - Dem Senator from Arkansas, Dem Senate agriculture committee chair

Herbert "Herb" Kohl - Dem Senator from Wisconsin, Dem Senate chairman on aging.

Whoa! How can liberals possibly blame Bush for Iraq, when they are the ones who demanded war in the first place?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Wow, so may inaccuracies.

    1) I don't know all the names on your list, but by no stretch of the imagination are Joe Liebermann, Zell Miller, and Chuck Hagel "liberals".

    2) The vote didn't _force_ Bush Jr. into war. It _authorized_ him to launch a war. That's a big difference.

    3) Yes, those Democrats authorized the war, but that doesn't mean they "forced" Bush Jr. into it. They believed the doctored intel, and there was also pressure to go along with the Bush Jr. administration or else be labelled "unpatriotic" or "defending the terrorist" or whatnot. Conservative political correctness is at least as damaging as liberal political correctness.

  • Kristy
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    8 years ago

    It's because it was all based on lies from bush's "bosses", like ashcroft, cheney, rice, gingrich and especially rumsfeld. Nobody knew enough about what was really going on. Bill Clinton tried several times during his presidency to say there was a threat with the taliban (not alqueda) and everyone was too busy trying sensationalize his affair. Yet, Gingrich was having an affair at the same time while trying to bust clinton.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    "Bush" did not invade Iraq. There was a very long buildup; Saddam Hussein had the entire world believing that he had WMD's. After the war, his own generals were among the most surprised that they were not found. This was a strategy that he employed for his own defense against his enemies - if they believed he had the weapons, they would not attack him. They believed him - but so did the rest of the world.

    No one forced anyone to do anything - our entire country was poised for war - before Bush was elected, Bill Clinton got on television (remember him? He used to be president) and said "Mark my words - Saddam Hussein has nuclear weapons and unless he is stopped, he will use them."

    It's amazing how forgetful people are in this country when they have revenge and hatred in their hearts. The mood of this entire country, of our government, was in favor of taking down Hussein before he used his chemical and biological weapons. When the Iraq War Resolutions were presented in Congress, they were adopted. There was a less wheeling and dealing than with Obamacare. It was a bipartisan passage.

    Then, as things started to go bad, Democrats began to backpedal. "I was for it before I was against it", said John Kerry, our new Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton, our outgoing Secretary of State, voted for it and then said she was lied to. (She, as a senator, had the exact same security briefing that Bush had).

    One after another Democrats came forth and said they had been duped by the man they want us to believe was the idiot son of a former President who only got into and through Yale by his father's money, and his C-average was a sham. Yet he was able to pull the biggest con over the most intelligent people in our government and over the entire population of a country - all for the purpose of putting a few bucks in Dick Cheney's pockets.


  • kinnu
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    4 years ago

    Bush lied to Congress by witholding opposite evidence, and the standard public grow to be as quickly as already whipped right into a frenzy. the folk on your checklist have been railroaded no longer the different direction around.

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  • 8 years ago

    "How can liberals possibly blame Bush for Iraq"

    The whole war was based on Bushs bad intel.

  • 8 years ago

    And you are saying he didn't have overwhelming right wing support. NICE TRY.

    Don't worry, BUSH Jr is still the worst president in modern history! And the dumbest

  • 8 years ago

    I blame both corporatist addicted and loving parties.

    You still side with the GOP what does that make you?

    btw, Leo Strauss was the father of Neo-Conservatism.

  • stoev8
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    8 years ago

    for the same reason that bailouts passed, healthcare passed, patriot act passed, etc.

    there's always some backroom deals.

  • 8 years ago

    Bush lied to the country about WMD ( democrats included) and now you gloat that they believed him?

    how immature

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