Does anyone know about the Hollywood Momentum Talent Group?

I got approached at the mall today by a modeling scout and he got my name and number and told me to wait for a call in a few days. I'm trying to find out if it's a scam or not, but so far I haven't seen any proof that it is.. I've been interested in modeling and I fit the requirements for high fashion, and this agency seems to do that. I've been to Wilhelmina before, but they suggested I start at a smaller agency, as they were looking for models with some experience. So I'm thinking of trying HMTG.

Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially if you know about HMTG. Thank you in advance!

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    I have never heard of that company and have been in the industry for 14 years. They are not a big player and I have never heard that name mentioned in castings or on any fashion show programs

    I can't comment if that specific agency is a scam or not as I have never heard of them. But I can give you general advice that will apply to any agency. It's VERY easy to tell if any agency is legit or not. A legitimate agency will ONLY make money AFTER they book you on a job then take their commission. You will NEVER be asked to pay an agency for classes, photography, model searches, showcases, auditions, workshops or anything else. If you are asked to pay, RUN AWAY. It's actually illegal for any California agency to charge upfront fees UNLESS they are registered as an Advance Fee Talent Service with the state. You can check that here

    If they are not on that list, they are NOT allowed to charge any upfront fees or they are breaking the law

    Also ALL model and talent agencies in the State of California are required by law to hold a valid license issued by the Department of Industrial Relations. You can check the status of any agency on the DIR website

    Enter the company name under Name then Search. If they are a legitimate agency it will come up with their registered business address, license number and expiration date. If you get a message saying "No records match the criteria you have entered. " then you know they are not a licensed agency and are NOT allowed to provide any agency services in California or they are breaking the law

    So as long as you stick with licensed agencies and you do not pay ANY fees unless the company is registered as an Advance Fee service, you will avoid the scams. If an agency is not licensed or tries to charge you money without being registered, then walk away and report to the Department of Industrial Relations as they are breaking the law by operating as an agent without being licensed or charging fees without being registered. You may be eligible for a reward

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