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Hello, I'm Harrison in high school and I'm 15 years old. It is non uniform day at my school on Tuesday this week and I was wondering if this shirt would be appropriate or if it would be too dressy/formal?

And if you think it is nice, what should i wear with it?

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    No, I do not think the dress is too dressy or formal. A non-uniform day provides you, as an individual, to choose something from your wardrobe that complements your image and personality. It should be items of clothing that 'you' believe are appropriate - you may have to accept that your fashion sense will not be the same as everyone else! If you are comfortable in this shirt and you feel it suits you - then that is the only opinion that matters. Be an individual, express yourself in your clothing and be comfortable for what you are.

    Best wishes,

    Dr Nick

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    This shirt is not too fancy at all! If you think it is though, you could totally dress it down by cuffing the sleeves, and unbuttoning the top couple buttons. And you could match this with a nice pair of denim jeans. For shoes... it's just school, so a nice pair of tennis shoes would look good!:) I hope this helped!

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    I believe you should wear the black button up with darkish denims. In the event you do select to put on the black one be certain you've gotten black vans to go with it, considering that navy blue and black is a fashion no no. Button the entire buttons except for the very prime one, untucked. I wouldn't put on a polo, i suppose like a polo is a little to informal for the club scene. You'll be able to look high-quality (:

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    To me the shirt looks great. Try paring it with a nice silver watch/bracelet, and a pendant to go over it like a rosary (preferably silver to match) some dark jeans, and blue converse, or brown pendant, and wooden bracelet, with khakis, and brown work boots (dark brown).

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  • 7 years ago

    I own the same shirt!

    I wore mine with white skinny jeans that were rolled up a bit and I paired it with a pair of sperrys! <3

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    woo that is definetely to dressy if you can just go for the casual jeans and a t-shirt

    Otherwise the shirt i really nice :D

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You'll feel overdressed wearing it to school at 15. Most people will just be in any raggy old shirts heh

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    I think it looks just fine, and not too formal.

    I'd suggest wearing a pair of skinny jeans, if you own any. Black, preferably.

  • Jonny
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    Looks great, wear it with dark navy jeans and a white t-shirt underneath the shirt and you'll look fab !

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    7 years ago

    it looks nice and the pants depend on how dressy you want to look khakis always look nice otherwise dark wash jeans are always classy as well.

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