Online Degree vs Community College?

my question is, is it better to go to a community college and get my gpa up to above a 3.0 then transfer to a real college or a online degree?

my gpa right now is a 2.8 so going to a college isnt really an choice (junior year) so should i try and get an online degree for computer science or go to community college get a 3.0 then transfer?

how does an online college work?

thanks everybody who answer!

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    Your current GPA will not keep you from transferring to a four year college. Just research each university that interests you and find out about their minimum GPA for admission / transfer.

    To answer your question, how does an online college work:

    Your degree will be identical to the degree conferred upon traditional brick-and-mortar students.

    Online classes have a very different way of educating students than a more traditional college campus course. In "most" cases, classes are asynchronous and you can log-in anytime to complete your work and participate, just as long as you complete all your work by the required deadlines.

    Anytime Classes (Asynchronous)

    When you log into the online portal to access your classes, you will be able to view or listen to lectures pertaining to the subject course matter. This simulates the feeling of sitting in a lecture hall, without the dozens or hundreds of students.

    Other methods of presenting material to online students often include completing assigned readings either in a textbook or from an online article and then participating in online chats or bulletin or discussion boards. These types of delivery systems do not require a set day or time to access the coursework, since there is no form of "live" lecture or presentation given by the faculty.

    I've taken about 30 online classes and 100% of them were asynchronous. There are a few rare colleges that require you to log-in at a set time on a set day, but that is the exception, not the rule.

    As a general rule, a class is broken down into modules, typically a standard week, that begins on Monday and ends on Sunday at midnight. During this time period, you are required to view lectures, read assigned texts, participate in assigned discussions, and complete any papers or quizzes that may be assigned during that week. You access this "classroom" via a system called "Blackboard" or "Desire2Learn". This is a very simple interface that makes learning and collaboration much easier!

    Instructors can be reached via email, chat, or phone should you need assistance, so help is never far away.

    The best feature of online classes is flexibility. I have attended both traditional classes and online classes, and I MUCH prefer the online format. As an online student, I am able to work full-time and carry a full-time course load without any problem. If I want to log-in at midnight and do all my work, it's not a problem. Just as long as I turn in my assignments on time, it doesn't matter.

    I hope that helps!

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    I don't know why you think that a 2.8 wouldn't get you into some four year unis. It certainly would. It's not a matter of if you'd get into a four year school - it's more a matter of figuring out which ones to apply to. Some examples of schools that do admit students with your GPA include Southern New Hampshire U, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Franklin Pierce U, Colby-Sawyer, U Texas El Paso - seriously, you'll have plenty of choices.

    Community college is also an option. If you go there and do well, you can transfer into a very strong university.

    I do not advise an online college to anyone unless you can't get into a better school. A lot of employers and schools do not respect the online schools. I'd rather you avoid them.

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