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accuracy of ancestry DNA test results?

How did they manage to narrow it down to British Isles just by DNA testing?

It seems a bit fishy

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  • 8 years ago
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    This is pretty much my standard answer. I think I have touched on all bases.

    There are 4 types of DNA, 3 that are being tested for ancestry.

    Y is passed from father to son. It is a male sex chromosomes but about 1 out of 6 females get the Y.

    The reason they are the female phenotype is they are totally insensitive to testosterone and therefore they are totally estrogen. They will not have ovaries. They will not know about it until they go through puberty and fail to have a menstrual period. Then their physician will do tests. If you changed the diapers of a xy female it would be no different than if you changed the diapers of an xx female.

    X is the other sex chromosomes, both males and females get an X from their mother and in addition about 5 out of 6 females get an X from their father. The X has been regarded as untraceable. However it is being used in the Geno 2.0 test.

    Mitochondrial is in the cytoplasm outside the cells and is passed from mother to both sons and daughters but only the daughters pass it to the next generation.

    Autosomal you get 50-50 from both parents but not necessarily 25% from each of your 4 grandparents. The reason why what you inherited can be biased between grandmother and grandfather on both sides of the family. How you inherited any bias will not be how your siblings inherited it. An exception can be for identical twins. When your parents passed on the Autosomal they received from their parents to you it was randomly jumbled and went through a process called recombination.

    Y & Mitochondrial testing have been used for years as they both go back in a straight line unchanged barring mutations. How it is useful is if you find others you feel you might possibly share ancestors with in those 2 direct lines and if you are tested and have a complete match with them then you are in a position to share information. The Y is facilitated with surname projects. Now with each they will assign you to a Haplogroup and show you the origin of your nomadic ancestors going back thousands of years. However it is only in 2 lines, Your family lines double each generation you go back. If you can have both tested by the time you got back to your 16 great great grandparents, 14 of them will excluded from the results. So don't be fooled when they tell you they can show you your deep ancestral origins. It is only in 2 lines. Y & Mitochondrial are totally useless in giving a person an overall view of their ancestry. Understand that Y & Mitochondrial testing is very exact but represent a tiny part of your total ancestry.

    Most of your DNA is Autosomal. It is what is used in the overall ancestral testing. However Autosomal does not come down in a straight line unchanged. There are no Haplogroups with Autosomal. The problem is the only thing they can do is match you with population samples they have. Therefore it has been reported that if you have your Autosomal tested by more than one company the results will not be the same. No doubt that is because one might be deficient in or not have a certain population samples the other one does and vice versa. This type of testing has been over hyped on TV. Maury Povich doesn't know enough to ask questions to clear things up. If George Lopez and the other celebrities had theirs tested by other companies they will no no doubt get different results. It is not that DNA lies but it is a matter of what they have to analyze it by is not perfect.when it comes to the Autosomal tests. So anytime they give you a pie chart breaking down your ancestry keep some skepticism about you.

    A couple of websites to check out are FamilyTreeDNA and 23and me. With Family Tree DNA it is the $289 Family Finder Test that uses Autosomal.

    Then there is DNATribes that only test Autosomal. What they do is show you your top 20 matches in descending order. They aren't saying you have ancestors from all those matches. They will give you additional matches for an additional fee. They have 1227 population samples and 918 Indigenous populations.

    Ask as many questions that you have in advance. You can do that easily with FamilyTreeDNA and DNATribes by going under "feedback" at the top by emailing them and asking questions. They are very prompt at replying before you take any tests and after you take the tests.

    DNA testing in isolation of traditional genealogy is really not all that helpful.

  • 8 years ago

    Ancestry DNAs ethnic mixture test (called the admix) is their weakest part and they have admitted privately that the results are questionable. Their chromosome cousin matching appears to be quite accurate. The autosomal DNA test results are most useful in supplementing or confirming data you already have or augmenting already existing conclusions. It can be very useful IF you have a well documented family tree that goes back 5 or more generations AND if a good percentage of your ancestors are from colonial America.

    They are testing for what are called haplogroups and the scientific evidence of where those large groups migrated.

  • 5 years ago

    I am a female and I did ancestry s test and it came back with no Native American ancestry which is incorrect and has been documented.

    Also, a male cousin did it for my dad s male lineage and it came back 25% NA.

    Very disappointed. And why is Ireland not included with the Scotland, Wales, and England. Doesn t make sense. I did the Nat. Geo Test for mother s side years ago and this test showed same results as that did.

  • 5 years ago

    Ancestrydna Reviews

  • 4 years ago

    when do I get my results? You have had my dna for almost two months>

    Troy R. Cole Sr.

  • 7 years ago

    Bull crap

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