What's the best option for small business cloud computing?

I work with eight other women for a small business incorporation. We all live in different states and use personal computers and flashdrives as the only safeguard against losing data, with the exception of some Google docs and email attachments. I am looking at Google Chromebooks as a viable option to for cloud computing and having a strictly-business laptop for everyone. However, many of our records and data are in MS Office Suite, which doesn't always translate well to Google Drive. I am looking for the best option that will 1) connect us to each other to share docs and hide /limit docs from each other 2) maintain or integrate our old MS docs 3) provide a solution at no more than $300/person and 4) provide backup for computer crashes/viruses. Thanks for your recommendations!

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  • 8 years ago
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    I am guessing that it is your current email provider. I have no trouble sending ebooks, letters, quick messages, etc.

    Why are you incorporated?

    what does your firm do--provide your customers?

    get back to me. This sounds neat

    hint; GOOGLE was not designed for what you are doing!!!

    MS was, Corel Word Perfect was

    sending is the key..........

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    4 years ago

    attempt backing up each and each computing gadget incrementally the two daily or weekly. The servers could be sponsored up a minimum of weekly for a small business enterprise. Get some exterior annoying drives or small RAID arrays. you're able to desire to back up the computers to the servers and backup the servers to exterior drives.

  • 8 years ago

    Cloud computing has nothing to do with the real clouds, the term was adopted from the use of cloud symbols to represent the internet in diagrams and charts.

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