Does Ā denote a long A only in Japanese rōmaji?

What about other languages? Is there another A for a long 'A' except Ā? Thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    in Japanese there is really only one "a" which would be the pure-sounding "ah" like in "father." If it's long, then it would just be held longer or duplicated, like in the word "maa" or the name Maaya.

    in English, the Ā (the line is called a macron) stands for long A too, but it's not "ah" it's more like "ey" (the sound when you say the letter A, the A in jane, lane, pain, ). It can be written eɪ̯ in IPA and it's really a diphthong (two vowels mushed together)

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  • ꇂꉧ
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    7 years ago

    Many different language use different notations.

    : is used in ipa like a: to denote longer a.

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