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.... asked in 社會及文化語言 · 7 years ago

急!!Social Issues英文作文必用單詞(20點!)

急求Social Issues英文作文必用單詞,越多越好!!!!!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Social issues are controversy subject topics from an issue of a newspaper.You can review the three issue of the specific social issues on Eng. compo. only:-

    (1)March 1st Friday:-Land Policy Dumped the Land:-

    government--site tenders--control of local land--Secretary for development-Paul Chan Mo-po.---sites for sale to developers---abolish the system----residential property.

    -----residential sites-----private homes----housing market-----land sites.

    (2)March same date:-Tour Agency Banned 8 months Over Fiasco:-

    3A Holidays travel agency suspended-----Travel Agents Registrar----mainlanders coach overnight---suspend the agency's license----evidence----Wong Apologized Publicly----travel agency----tour group----Apologize to TVB-----travel industry----accommodation for the mainlanders- ----- --local agencies arrange sightseeing.

    (3)How is scholarship fund structured?-----March 1st Friday;

    HK$480 million fund to study English-----child education----subsidize 20 students-----for the 2014-15-----two-year service required----20 places too few----questioned the restrictions----study overseas become English teachers----Education Bureau---education sector----Secretary for Ed Eddie Ng Hak-kim----English priority policy----despite employing and retaining teachers on small-class teaching.-----details left to the Bureau! Other political issues ,controversies, problems, subjects, topics are to be outcomed by yourself, if you know English! Hope you're successful!

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  • Do you think pornographic material is overflowing?

    Is it earily accessible to teenagers?

    How are you teenagers affected?

    Do you think it is affecting their moral values?

    What can be done to protect youngesters?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I am not sure what do you need in terms of social issues. Please be more specific or list some examples, so I can elaborate.

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