Why were Más y Menos so stereotypical?

I was watching Teen Titans today and it was the episode with the characters of Titans East and there were these kids called Mas y Menos. Of course they were Latino but why were they so... Latino? I mean they reminded me of Speedy Gonzales fastest mouse in all Mexico which the joke is they run fast and speak Spanish. I don't get why they were on this show. They weren't in the comic books and they were just stereotyped. They couldn't even speak English even though they live in America. I found them highly annoying.

Another thing that gets on my nerves with DC superheros is whenever they have a character that is Latino they always have to speak Spanish to remind you they are Latino like Bluebeetle in that Young Justice series. He has a even less excuse to speaking Spanish all the time. He was born in America but they try to give him this accent like he was born in Mexico. And that other guy in the runaways--not the real Runaways, the fake one for this show cause DC wants to use the name but not the actual characters--Ed kept speaking Spanish even though he's American and is probably third generation and should speak more English.

like I get they are minorities. You don't have to rub their minority-ness in my face like that with giving them heavy accents that don't really make sense & acting like the fastest mouse of Mexico.

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  • 8 years ago
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    No need to get bent out of shape about it. Big deal. Its just a cartoon. I'm Native American. Do you know how Native Americans are portrayed in movies, TV, and Animated cartoons. Its not flattering. They are usually fat, short, drunken, wearing a war bonnet and carrying a tomahawk. That is not how Native Americans are. When I talk to people, they say "Wow, your Indian. Do you live in a teepee?" No. I live in house with an indoor bathroom and running water and everthing. And OMG when I watched "Last of the Mohicans" my non native friends asked, "What did he say?" I'm like, I'm Otoe, thats not my tribe nor my language so how the heck would I know what he is saying.

    Its just ignorance. You're just gonna have to get over it.

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